Peterick High School AU


1. So Good In Blue

I glanced around at my friends, my only friends, Karolin and Katherine. They were twin sisters, but I could tell them apart. Karolin had black hair and Katherine had purple hair. "Hey Patty!" Karolin shouted.

"Hey Pat." Katherine greeted me. She stared at me and looked like she was lost in a daydream. I fixed my fedora and began snapping my fingers in front of her face.

"Kat... Kat... KAT!" I shouted and she jumped.

"Huh, what?" She looked around for a moment before blushing, noticeably, bright red.

"Kare! Kat was staring at me!" I shouted childishly, poking Kat's bright red cheek.

"Kat, stop staring at Patrick." Karolin said rolling her eyes.

I glanced around the crowed hallway when my eyes locked with my crush, Pete Wentz. I've liked him since freshman year. I'm now a sophomore and I'm still into him, I can't help it, he's hot! He's in the same year as me but I've just never had the courage to actually talk to him. He stared at me for a brief second and I took in his appearance, he was wearing black skinny jeans, a blue t-shirt, and black vans. His hair was still the same short, dyed blonde hair as last year. He narrowed his eyes at me for a few seconds before he continued walking down the hall. I blew out a breath of air, "Woah."

"Sorry, Kat but I've told you this multiple times, your man is after a man." Karolin laughed, poking her twin sister's other red cheek.

"Hey! I like girls too, I'm bi, not gay." I said, shaking my head. Karolin never understood the difference between gay and bi, because she said and I quote, "Either way you're a guy with a guy at some point."

"Whatever, Pat." She smirked at me before making her way to class.

"See you later Kare!" I waved to her before turning to Katherine. We have the same class this hour, so we usually walk together. "So, Kat... do you really like me?"

"Wait, you're bi?" She asked, her eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

"Yeah, Kat. Do you not remember when I told you that? Two years ago." I asked, staring at her in disbelief. Did she not remember? I mean, everyone at school knew by now. Some people bullied me for it, but it's whatever.

"I didn't know you were serious. I thought it was just a weird phase." She shrugged but smiled at me anyway.

We continued to walk to class in silence. Kat walked through the door and just as I was going in behind her, someone else's body slammed into mine, sending me falling to the floor. The pain in my head was excruciating, seeing as my head slammed against the floor, I would understand why it hurt, but that didn't mean I liked it. I looked up into the brown eyes of the person I ran into, Brendon. Great! "Watch it fag!" He snapped and continued on his way.

Kat rushed to my side, quickly helping me up from the dirty school hallway floor. "Are you okay Patrick?" She asked patting my back comfortingly.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I sniffed, hoping the tears burning in my eyes would stay exactly that, in my eyes.

I'm not gonna lie, words hurt, but then again my head hurts too so I may not be thinking straight.

I lay my head down on my desk, completely forgetting about the lesson we were supposed to be working on. I could talk to Mr. Trohman after class, he's my favorite teacher anyways, plus he pretty cool about everything. "Patrick?" He called out. I lifted my head only to met with the concerned eyes of Mr. Trohman. "You need to go to the nurse." He said and when I looked down at my desk, I finally noticed the small pool of dark red blood. "Go, I'll clean it up." He said, I quickly thanked him and rushed to the nurse, trying to stop my nose from bleeding too much. Sometimes my nose bleeds when I'm stressed.


I walked into lunchroom and smiled. It was chicken sandwich day! At my school this is one of the best lunches we have. Karolin and Katherine met me by the door and we sat down at the table we've sat at every year since we've been here, in the same spot. I began a conversation with Karolin as Katherine started eating her french fries. "Kare, have you seen Pete today? Like, seriously." I said with the stereotypical gay voice and she laughed.

"Wow Patrick." She laughed as Katherine groaned. "What?"

"Brendon and his gang is coming." She said, sticking her nose up in disgust.

Suddenly Brendon sat down right next to Katherine and turned her tray sideways so he could put his arm there. Like, really? Did he really have to do that? Unexpectedly Karolin stood up. "No!" She said, quite loudly too, turning Katherine's tray back the way it was. "We were here first you can go somewhere else."

"Or you could go outside." He snapped back.

"Maybe we don't want to go outside. Seriously, you are pissing me off. Go away." She said narrowing her eyes at him.

He rolled his eyes and they continued their lunch as Karolin and Katherine sat there talking over ways to kill them right in front of them. I don't think he was listening though, he was too busy talking to his friend Dallon or something. I don't know anymore, he switches friends too much. He used to be friends with someone named Ryan but I haven't seen much of him anymore. Or Spencer... like I said, he switches friends too much.

"Guys, I'm gonna go sit outside." I said, sliding off the bench.

"Okay, but I hope you're not doing it because of them." Karolin said, rolling her eyes. She glanced over at them before shaking her head a bit, causing her thick, long, black hair to fall over her eyes for a moment. Another thing I've noticed; Karolin straightens her hair, while Katherine keeps her curls the way they are, natural.

"No, not at all. I just want to get outside for a bit, I don't want to be a pale vampire." I joked smiling.

"Okay." They both said and I went on my way outside.

I pushed the doors to the courtyard open and took in a deep breath of fresh air. I walked over to one of the cement tables and sat down, pulling out my phone. During lunch we can have our phones out, so I usually get on mine and text my mom. Yeah I know, lame, but I don't care.

'Hey mom.'

'Hi. Is something wrong?'

'no, just lunch and i wanted some1 to talk to i guess.'

'Oh, okay. I gotta go right now, I got work sweetheart I'll-' I got cut off from reading the rest because my phone was suddenly ripped from my hands.

"Aww, little Patty is a momma's boy and a fag." Brendon laughed, showing my phone to everyone.

"Give it back!" I shouted trying to grab my phone but he held it too high above my head and I was not jumping for it because I didn't want to embarrass myself more than I already do. I dropped my head and stared at my feet before whispering, "Please."

"Aww, did the baby say please?" Brendon asked in the best baby voice he get muster up.

"Just. Please." I sighed.

"Whatever." Brendon said and threw my phone on the ground. I watched the screen shatter and looked at him to see him laughed. "Oops. My bad." He said sarcastically, before punching me.  reached my hand up to my left eye that he hit and covering it. I knew there would be a bruise. Then he pushed me, making me join my phone on the ground. He kicked me in the stomach a few times and spit on me.

I definitely felt like my phone. Broken. Shattered. Also if my phone was human it would probably be sad, so we're on the same page.

I grabbed my phone as Brendon and his friends walked away and put it in my pocket before pushing myself up off the ground.

I walked back inside the school just in time to make it to my next class. The teacher politely excused me to go to the bathroom so I could "wash up" A.K.A probably cry and then actually wash my face. I pushed the door open and silently ogle at the bruise Brendon left around my eye and the entire left side of my face, actually.

Abruptly the door flew open and I jumped. "Oh sorry dude. I'll go to the other bathroom." The guy said and recognized the voice. It was Pete!

"O-okay." I mentally curse myself stuttering and shake my head.

"Whoa, dude. Are you okay? What happened?" He said, reaching out to touch the bruise with his finger. For a moment I was nervous but once his finger collided with the sensitive skin I flinched. "Sorry. But what happened?" He dropped his hands to his side.

"I- uh- got beat up."

"Clearly." He chuckled a bit, "I meant, what did you do?"

"Nothing." I said, shrugging. "Brendon just doesn't like me."

"Oh." He said and after a while just turned around, leaving me in the bathroom. Alone. Again. 

I took one last glance at the mirror and began to scrub the dirt and gravel off my face. As I glared at my reflection I realized I lost my fedora. I groan in frustration, Brendon probably has it so I'll let him keep it. It's not my favorite anyway. I lifted my shirt a bit and hissed in pain, but continued pulling it up to see blue and purple bruises all over my stomach. The dark blue captivated me and I couldn't stop staring at it.

I heard Brendon's voice from outside the door and ran to the first stall I saw. I locked the stall and sat on the toilet, pulling myself into the fetal position. I sat my head on my knees as the bathroom door opened and held my breath. I listened to him and someone talking, but I was too anxious to hear what he was saying. Suddenly he let out a loud laugh and I jumped, whimpering accidentally. My hand quickly flew over my mouth as I watched them from a crack in the stall door. Brendon's back was to me and he suddenly turned around towards the stalls with a confused expression. "Hey man, did you hear something?"

"Nah, dude. I think you're losing it Bren." The other boy laughed and Brendon just took once last glance back at the stalls before laughing a bit too.

"Yeah, maybe." He nodded.

"I'll be waiting outside, man." The other boy said. I still don't know who it is. Brendon nodded and once the door closed he began walking slowly this way. He pushed all the stall doors open and when he got to mine he paused. I closed my eyes and held my breath again. "Bren! Let's go!" The guy shouted opening the door. Brendon shook his head and jogged to go catch up with his friend.

I blew out the breath I was holding in so long and got up leaving the bathroom. I'd waited long enough I'm sure Brendon was long gone.

Hopefully my mom doesn't overreact to the bruise around my eye or find the blue marks littered across my stomach. I checked the clock on my phone to see it was 2:00 PM, or at least I think it was 2:00, if so that meant I just had last hour and I was home free.

As I walked into the class, the only one I had with both my friends, Karolin and Katherine ran over to me pulling me into a bone crushing group hug. I let out a loud noise in pain. "Oh my god, Patrick what happened?" Katherine shouted worried. "Oh, are you okay?"

"Yeah, just don't squeeze me too hard." I laughed weakly.

"Oh, you're face." Karolin gasped.

"Thanks, Kare." I said, rolling my eyes with a frail smile.

"Sorry Pat, but it's pretty bad." She shrugged with a half smile and sad eyes.

"Yeah I know, I just hope mom doesn't overreact." I sighed and the bell rang, so I quickly went to my seat and waited for the teacher to begin the lesson.

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