Peterick High School AU


7. Kisses On The Necks Of "Best Friends"

A/N - I'm changing the texting style :D

I slid my phone of my pocket and texted Brendon.

P: Hey Beebo :)

B: Hey Patty :P

B: Sup?

P: -_- nothing, wanna go out tonight? To like a movie or something?

B: Um... like a date?

B: Sure :)

P: Okay :) and only if you want it to be ;P

B: Stop Trick, you're being cute again

P: Okay, :) see you in like twenty minutes

I could feel my cheeks burning as I read over our texts again. I didn't think it would be a date, but I mean, it doesn't sound like a bad idea to me.

***********SUMMER SONG MAKES ME SAD***********

I smiled brightly as Brendon and I walked into the theater. I figured everything would be awkward, but nothing was awkward at all.

"What do you want to watch?" Brendon asked, breaking me from my thoughts.

"Whatever you want," I replied; he nodded and looked over the selections for tonight.

"Can we watch that?" He pointed at a poster of some love story. The two people on the cover were kissing and holding each other close.

"Sure, if that's what you want." I smiled, "But the deal is I pay."


"No buts," I said and he groaned.

"Not even yours?" He asked leaning back looking at my butt, "Because DAMN!" I laughed, hitting his shoulder lightly.

My cheeks burned slightly, "Shut up."

"Awe, you're blushing!" He exclaimed, "It's adorable." (A/N - I s2g if someone comments fedorable you die)

I ignored him and quickly paid for us to go in. We sat down in the very back at the top because Brendon claimed: "We could see better from there!" So that, of course, is where we sat.


"I'll love you even if you don't love me back!" Danielle shouted. Danielle (A/N - AYEEEE) is the main character of the movie we are watching.

"Awe, this is kinda sad," Brendon whispered and I stifled a giggle. "Wanna get out of here? Go eat or something?"

"I guess. I just don't understand how you could eat any more. You've literally been munching on popcorn since the movie started." I laughed quietly and he stuck his tongue out at me.

"So...Is that a yes then?" He asked smirking.

I sighed dramatically, "Fine, yes." I smiled and he grabbed my hand pulling me out the door.

"Where to, oh Great One?" Brendon asked, still holding tightly onto my hand.

"Wherever you wanna go, but I'm paying."

"No." He groaned, looking around at all the different choices we had. "You paid last time and we just skipped out so... you practically just wasted money on me."

"So? Maybe I like wasting money on you." I said biting my lip.

He pursed his lips and I laughed, "Please?"

I could say no to him. "Yes, fine. You can pay this time."

He clapped his hands together. "Yay!"

"Oh my gosh," I laughed. "Stop, you're attracting attention."

"I believe that's you, not me. They're staring at your good looks. Look at them, they're so jealous of you." He gestured around to everyone looking at us, which honestly wasn't that many, so I didn't really care.

"Right," I said dragging out the I.

"You're so cute," He sighed, throwing an arm around my waist. "Just adorable."

I blushed slightly. Brendon has gotten a little too affectionate in a short amount of time, not that I minded (I actually kind of liked it,) but still it was a bit strange to me.

"Brendon, in the nicest way possible. Are you okay?" I asked hesitantly.

"Yeah, well I guess so... What do you mean exactly?" He asked, furrowing his eyebrows in confusion.

"You're acting, I don't know... overly affectionate?" I said slowly, shrugging my shoulders.

He sighed and looked down at his feet, his hand slipping from my waist. "Okay, Patrick, I've never actually been with a guy and I'm not really sure how to feel."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"I really like you, Patrick." He covered his face as he spoke, "And I'm not sure how to feel about it."

"I like you too," I smiled at him. He let out a breath of relief.

"Oh, thank god. Can I kiss you now?"

"I don't see why not..." I giggled.

He lightly grabbed my shoulders and kissed me. It wasn't a heated kiss; just a short and sweet kiss, but that short kiss landed me on his couch with him straddling my waist.

"Patrick," He whispered, grinding down on me.

I let out a quiet whimper, "Yes?"

He didn't say anything, but he kissed me softly letting his lips trail down my jaw to my neck. He left small kisses and multiple little love bites scattered across my neck.

Suddenly he ceased all his actions and looked towards the door. "Shit, my dad!" He whisper-shouted.

He got up and pulled me with him. He ran to his room and threw me in his closet. (A/N - Ironic, hehe) He pulled the door back open and kissed me one last time before slamming it closed again.

I giggled quietly, "Loser."


"Patrick," A voice whispered. Patrick," they shook my leg lightly and I opened my eyes. Brendon was in front of me with his finger over his lips signaling me to be quiet.

I must've fallen asleep, I checked my phone quickly.My eyes grew wide at the time and the amount of missed calls from my mom. It was eleven at night and I had twenty-four missed calls, all from my mom.

Brendon quietly lead me out of his house and walked home with me. "I'm sorry about that." He said looking down at his feet. I stayed silent for a moment and he looked up at me again, "And I'm sorry about those too," He pointed at the marks he left on my neck causing me to blush as he chuckled. "Still so cute."

"Thanks," I whispered quietly, "Tonight was fun, we should do it again sometime."

"Yeah," He smiled brightly, nodding his head.

“Well, anyway, I gotta go in and get my ass kicked.” I laughed, “My mom is gonna kill me for not answering my phone and coming home this late.”

He laughed, “Alright, bye Trick. See you at school tomorrow.”

“Bye,” I laughed and walked into my house.

“Patrick! I was so worried!”

“I know mom,” I said and she gasped, pointing at my neck.

What is that?” She asked and I swore I heard Brendon laugh.

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