Top of the Charts

My problem... With top chart songs of today. Some are good. Some are okay. The majority?... Oh the majority have so many issues with them that it may take a whole Movella to list. Note: This is having a rant at the songs and artists themselves, not the people who listen to them. You listen to what you want, I'm not gunna hate on you.


1. Where to start?

Let's get the picture straight here - if you listen to top chart hits, that you hear on KISS FM or whatever, then you keep listening! I ain't got any problem with you listening to it. So now, don't have a go at me in the comments below, because I am not directing this at you. 


The music industry of today: A factory that makes billions, upon billions of big ones, tossing out tunes as if they were golden grails, encrusted with gemstones, but really iron goblets painted yellow and stuck on with plastic jewels. Many it seems, are too blind to see what the music of today has really become.
The lyrics. 
The tune.
The passion. 
The creativity. 
Even the artists themselves. 
All plastic, and mass produced junk that holds no real value, and if it should hold value to some, then not the value music should grip in people. 

This Movella may not change anyone's minds, and if it doesn't, I can't make you see the way I do. But I want to get my point across... May not be a musician myself, but I'm a passionate music lover, and to see what is growing to be popular to be the Beat Titans, whilst other music is pushed aside as the ever growing fame of these giants gets fatter and fatter, is heart breaking to me. 

And again, you can listen to what you want! Rap! Rock 'n' Roll! 80's! Jazz! Electro! Modern Chart Hits! I don't mind! I have respect and love for all the other types of songs, except the last one on that list...

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