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My problem... With top chart songs of today. Some are good. Some are okay. The majority?... Oh the majority have so many issues with them that it may take a whole Movella to list. Note: This is having a rant at the songs and artists themselves, not the people who listen to them. You listen to what you want, I'm not gunna hate on you.


5. The Tune

Okay, okay, okay... I've talked about the awful lyrics, the sleaze bags known as artists, and how getting to Number 1 means nothing. But now is the time, ladies and gentleman, for me to attack the over all being of music. The thing that pleases different ears on different people... The tune... of modern songs... 


I've touched lightly on how the solo chorus' are annoying, with again, Jizzon Dildo's song "Wiggle" having that infernal whistle solo as it's chorus. It's just... so bland... like beyond bland. There is nothing to that chorus. At all. Sure, might be a good song to get your girlfriend to grind on you, but that's it's only purpose at all, which is a pathetic purpose to say the least. That is not a beat I can dance to. That's just an ear worm that gets stuck in your brain and lays its nest in the deep part of your neurons. 

And have you heard of the song "Cheerleader" by OMI? That tune again, is just SO BLAND!! You know what, let's look at the layers of that chorus. What instruments can I hear? Mhm... Yes... Yes I can hear it all... Vocals. A single, half a second beat. And some weird... drum... thing playing a repetitive tune. That's it. Three layers. And compared to some songs, that is just puny. Seriously, it seems like that man has put in zero to no effort into that song. You know what... I can't believe I am going to do this... I'm going to listen to "Wiggle" and see how many layers that has... Oh God this is awful... Okay, I got it! I got the exact number! Two. Two layers as the base tune.  That colossally annoying whistle, and a heavy base drum just doing a repeat of the same tempo. Two. Layers... 

Now let's compare that to... Hmmm... Oh! Why not compare that to "Avalanche" by Walk The Moon? (You may have heard of these guys before, because "Shut Up and Dance" hit the charts. Thank God a good band actually got to the charts...) Right, I'm counting about 1... 2... 4... okay 5. I think. And do you know why I can only guess 5? Because its so thick with music, I can't pick out each layer individually, except the vocals. THAT my friends, is what you need to know about a good song. If it's so viscous with rhythm and beat, that you can't help but tap your foot or bob your head, then you know that is a song with passion, effort and overall prowess. Plus, the tune of the guitars, that I could hear were really giving it their all! The tempo changed, along with the pitch going up and down in any which way. 

So people, thank you for hearing me ramble on and on about this. But I'll say again, if you like modern music, then you keep listening! You play what your ears like. But I'm just gunna stick with Monstercat for now. 
None of you heard of Monstercat? Oh?... Well, I'll do a little bit of promoting here.

Monstercat are basically a record company that get a bunch of artists - yes, real artists who write their own music, sometimes just on their own - on their YouTube channel to play allll sorts of music. Electro, Drum 'n' Bass, Dubstep, House, Progressive House, Nu Disco, Future Bass and loads more! It's like what modern music should be, to me. Good tunes, the artists and vocalists are all professional musicians, and the lyrics go by the rules of: 
1. No heavy sexual references.
2. Minimal swearing. 
And that's it. They really are a wonderful group. Plus I love their mascot, Monster Cat himself. They do so much art of him. So much variety is in Monstercat that I just love, and I never get bored of new or old songs. My Monstercat playlist on Spotify still has the first Monstercat track that I ever listened to on it. 

But that's enough of that. I love you all and I hope you agree with me on some of my points. 


- Aldrin

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