Top of the Charts

My problem... With top chart songs of today. Some are good. Some are okay. The majority?... Oh the majority have so many issues with them that it may take a whole Movella to list. Note: This is having a rant at the songs and artists themselves, not the people who listen to them. You listen to what you want, I'm not gunna hate on you.


2. The Lyrics

Did you know what 92% of all top songs are about sex? No? Well it's pretty obvious in my eyes. I mean, let's take a look at the... the... piece of shit, in all honesty, called Jason Derulo. The man makes, millions upon billions about his songs, all relating to sex, in one way or another. I am not joking. All of his popular songs that have hit the charts are about straight up fucking... Let me list but a few. 

Trumpets - "Is it weird that your arse reminds me of a Katy Perry song?"

Talk Dirty - This is self explanatory...

In My Head (Bed) - "I see you all over me." 

Wiggle - "You know what to do with that big fat butt." 

I can't. I just ca-.... Oh my god. LOOK!! What piece of low life scum objectifies women like this, in a song?! And how the hell did they get SO popular with this kind of VULGAR attitude?! And I still don't get how he himself thinks this okay! Oh sure, I'll just look at a woman for her body! That's perfectly fine! Young people listen to these songs! Young men who grow to think this is okay to see women like this! And young girls grow up thinking this is how they should be perceived, that their arse matters, and not how kind and sweet they maybe! 


And it ain't just Jason Derulo! Ohhhh no! You heard about Anaconda? Of course you have heard of Anaconda... Bloody Nicki Minaj... I mean seriously, who has an arse that huge, that is natural?! No girl, that's who! And I'm a guy right, I should be aroused by this?! Hell no! 
And it isn't just sex lyrics either! What is with the... unoriginality of modern chart songs?! I swear, all of them have at least the word "Boy" or "Girl" or "Baby" in them. Am I wrong? There are such better songs out there that talk about conquering the world! Songs of loss... Songs of cheer! Songs about dancing! Where did those songs go?! Rock songs of today still make great lyrics for their songs! The Black Veil Brides write about causing a revelation! Yeah! That's awesome! That's what I want to hear! Not... 
"Hey girl, you walkin' in this clurb." - Piss off! That's about the 50th song I've heard that line in! 

Okay, the popular songs called "This sex is on fire" or "Baby got back" of like the 90's are about sex and women's arses too, however! Those songs were not only good music, as in the tune of them, but also they weren't... part of an over exaggerated theme! There weren't far too many songs about sex those days, not as many as today. Baby Got Back was rather a comedic song in my eyes, and This Sex is on Fire was a really passionate song. One that had more emotion to it of intensity. Wiggle by Jason Dildo? The tune is awful with that infernal whistle chorus, and there was no passion behind that man's lyrics... He was just a too risqué man looking at women as they twerked for him.

Uck... Just... I would punch Jizzon Derulo any day of the week. Any time. Anywhere...  

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