Top of the Charts

My problem... With top chart songs of today. Some are good. Some are okay. The majority?... Oh the majority have so many issues with them that it may take a whole Movella to list. Note: This is having a rant at the songs and artists themselves, not the people who listen to them. You listen to what you want, I'm not gunna hate on you.


3. The "Artists"

You've heard me rant about the artists before. I mean, it's not hard to tell that I don't like a man when I call them Jizzon Dildo. However, we are not going on just the mere subject that these guys are just scum bags through personality and judgement... But on how they wrongly call themselves artists! Musicians even! 


The famous hit boy band, One fucking Direction. Oh how we love them all... Hot, young men with a British accent to go with it. What girl wouldn't go heart shaped eyed over those four ravishing boys? Well do you remember going to their concert when they did a world tour? Yeah, you remember the drummer, guitarist or other musician behind them, playing some kind of instrument for their song "You Don't Know You're Beautiful"? Can you tell me his/her name? No?... You can't at all? Oh dear, I wonder why that is, hm? 
That is my MASSIVE problem with these so called "artists" of today. You think they came up with the instrumental tune for their songs? Sure, they may have written the lyrics (most of the time) but you think Chris Brown can pick up a guitar and play a melody? No my friends, he can't. As someone has suggested already, these people are mere performers. The only thing they are noted for is their voice, and whilst their voice may be incredible, their skills as a proper player of music, is down right shoddy. No, despicable! 

And yet there are some trails of light for modern artists to say they are proper musicians. Ed Sheeran, for example. I like that man. He can sing well, he plays the guitar very well, and his songs are very passionate - namely they aren't about sex... In fact, not all are about love. There is "I See Fire" which I looooove! (Pssst! Mainly because it was in the Hobbit! Shhhh!) But yes, he is a good example of what musicians should be! Owl City as well, although his fame was short lived. That dude could play the keyboard very well, to the point where he became a one-man band! He recorded his music video for Fireflies all on his own, no special effects, no crew, and in his own house. Whilst he played the keyboard and sang into the microphone, on camera. Another perfect example!

Now again, let's look at a proper band. Sleeping With Sirens are a really good example! On their album cover for "Madness", all of them are shown. Not just Kellin Quinn, who is the main vocalist. Each and everyone one of them is contributed. And at concerts, it is just them on stage, and only them, not some unnameable person playing the drums in the background. 


All this, over all, is what saddens me the most. People, young or old, of today have such GREAT musical talent! Wondrous amounts! They may want to pursue in becoming a professional musician in a band, and make their money and fame from music! But no... now all that matters is how well you sing. No one cares if you can strum a guitar like a god, or rip it out on a saxophone, beat the tunes out on a drum set, or play harmoniously on the piano... No one cares at all. And if they do care, and you get to play an awesome guitar backing to a famous vocalist, then no one will know your name... You'll just be a shadow to the famous "performer" in front of you, singing into a microphone, that is most likely auto-tuned. 

Sad, isn't it? 

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