Everything Good About The Greeks

Everyone has a top ten for most things, so why not greek stuff, too?
This includes:
Top ten Greek Heroes/Heroines
Top Ten Greek Gods
Top Ten Greek Monsters



2. Heracles - Number Ten

Can I just start by saying that the only reason this guy is in here is because my friend forced me to, sicne he's, like, SUPREME AWESOMENESS COCCOLA STYLE DUDE OF ANCI9ENT GREECE THE ALL MIGHTY HERACLES. Which is stupid.


He is, okay, a pretty brave dude, I mean twelve labours for a guy you don't even like reason I can't remember? Pretty brave to prove your worth, and really stupid. Like, so stupid, I wish he'd died, the little idiot.

First off, his name isn't even Heracles, it's like Al something, but clearly no one cares. And, he bit Hera and didn't die instantly, like what? plus, he murdered his freaking wife what kind of a person does that?


And he never seems to care about his mortality, like, dude, if I were you, I'd be pretty effing freaked out by that.


And that's why Heracles (Hercules if you insist), is number ten

Also, if he was named for Hera (Heracles), then why was he Hercules in Roman mythology? Like, shouldn't it be Junocles or something?

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