Everything Good About The Greeks

Everyone has a top ten for most things, so why not greek stuff, too?
This includes:
Top ten Greek Heroes/Heroines
Top Ten Greek Gods
Top Ten Greek Monsters



3. Bellerophon - Number Nine

This guy, is awesome. He basically accidentally killed a bunch of people, got sent away from home, a queen fell in love with him, he's ordered to be executed by someone, and he manages to be really brave and not life threatening to himself and survives. See, I'm pretty clumsy myself (I'm pretty sure the only reason I've never accidentally killed anyone is because I've never been trusted near anything that could kill someone), so his story is pretty inspiring to me. Sadly, he dies in the end because he gets all ooh thrill junkie Bella Swan style (though he's way cooler than Bella Swan),flies to Olympus and is killed by Zeus. Yay, happy ending! Not.


But anyways, Bellerophon is awesome and he would have been number eight were it not for the fact that I keep forgetting how to spell his name.

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