Lost Future Syndrome

Do you remember the future?


1. One

Do you remember…the future?

It’s a question everyone gets asked the moment they are able to speak and understand a language.

Oh, you too? What a shame.

That’s what is said to everyone who shakes their head and replies with a ‘no’.


With 2042 being the first year, the newest generation of kids became infected with a strange ability that allowed them to know everything about their own future. However, it was a power that activated itself automatically upon the birth of the child, and only lasted a year. Therefore, memories of the ‘future’ were long forgotten by the time the age to be able to speak and listen was reached.

For decades, even centuries, many doctors and scientists sought to discover the origins of the ability, as well as a way to preserve the memories of the children, but to no avail.

It simply remained a complete mystery, and eventually, all researches and tests were stopped.


Throughout the centuries that followed, generation after generation (though some generations were occasionally skipped) continued to be born with these abilities – now known as the Lost Future Syndrome –, and it soon became a part of everyday life. When the brain of the first ‘Lost Future Holder’ had been scanned, people and doctors had been terrified and confused. How could a newborn baby have the mind of a healthy adult, filled with all the knowledge and information one would ever need in his entire life?

News reports and papers soon began to fill up with these kinds of things, with no-one ever being able to provide an answer. Could it just be a coincidence that the first 2042 child born had his brain scanned for any signs of possible diseases almost immediately after birth? It was like the giver of this syndrome had wanted it to be discovered by mankind.


But now, during the year of 3042, all was forgotten and ignored, and almost everything was back to normal.


– Sydney, Australia –


A teenager who looked exactly like he was at this moment in time. A grown-up adult who strangely resembled him in every way. An old man with the same mischievous smirk he sported when guilty. These were only a few of many strange scenes and illusions that occasionally flashed through his mind in a series of dreams and nightmares that seemed to last for eternity. Just when did they start appearing in the first place?

Even he had no idea.

With winter just around the corner, the temperatures surrounding the seemingly empty and dull suburb were plummeting. It was unusually cold during this time of year, despite the fact that autumn hadn’t quite ended yet. There were still a few more weeks to go.

Scarf tied around his neck and beanie pulled down over the messy tangle of light chocolate-brown hair, Day Gorian stepped out of his house, breathing in the somewhat refreshing chilled air. There were dark circles under the jade-green eyes he owned. He hadn’t managed to get enough sleep last night as well, too burdened by the strange dreams that seemed to appear out of nowhere. After making sure the door was locked, he set off for school – just a dingy building where kids were taught the basics really. Being the top of his class consisting of fifteen, he breezed through all the lessons and assignments given, putting even the highest of the school’s teachers to shame.

The methods and answers just came to him naturally. It was rather queer, as he had never been interested in such things in the first place, nor was he a large fan of studying. And he disliked it. All his friends melted away from his side, his list of enemies only continued to grow, and he was becoming just someone people talked to whenever they didn’t know how to work out a question.

Maybe he should just quit school and get a job early.

That was what he thought, but he never actually got around to doing it. Was it because he was too cowardly to do so? Perhaps. His intelligence made up for his lack of courage, but he wished that wasn’t the case. He’d rather be all brawn and little brain.

By the time Day arrived, class had already started half an hour ago. To him, there was nothing worse than being stared at by a bunch of strangers, so the decision to just skip school today was instantly made. As he strolled through the empty corridors, he noticed just how quiet it really was. Not a single soul was in sight, and every little sound he made echoed and bounced off against the walls. It was calming, and yet unsettling at the same time, especially when it was pretty much a well-known fact that schools were popular locations in everything horror.



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