The Last Trumpet

Sarah was a bit of a conspiracy nut. Every day was a new source of potential paranoia or fear in her otherwise mundane life. Now there were strange noises in the sky and she wasn't the only one who'd noticed...


1. Chapter One

Sarah had always been a bit of a conspiracy nut. She loved it, how it excited her imagination, scared her out of her wits and occasionally blew her mind thinking about new possibilities. Smart TV's made it so easy to watch YouTube these days. After all, unless you were going to binge on illegally downloaded TV shows and movies there wasn't much to watch anyway. Ok, maybe that was just Sarah, and maybe she needed to get out more, but watching conspiracy theories on YouTube was her hobby. She lived an otherwise quiet and humble life.

Nothing could of prepared her for what was to come. She thought she'd heard it all; JFK, Princess Diana, reptilian overlords disguised as humans, flat earth, hollow moon, you name it and she'd probably watched some nut on YouTube rant about it for three hours. Not that she believed most of it you understand, she was pretty sure we'd been to the moon and that the Earth was round for one thing.

Sarah worked for the local government, nothing important just administration for the town hall. She considered herself lucky, as she'd managed to buy a house which was a thirty minute drive away from work, the house had a big garden and the area was quiet.

She was forty now and the house would be paid off by the time she was fifty, she thought about retiring early but admitted to herself she needed something to get out of bed for each morning. Feeding her many rabbits, cats and dogs wasn't enough.

Then one day 'it' happened. It was a warm Saturday around noon in summer. She was in town grocery shopping. Sarah always made the effort to get out of the house, she could easily go to a major store and stock up once every couple of months, but felt it important to support the local high street, what was left of it. It cost more but interacting with the shop keepers and community gave her much needed human interaction, which was probably the real reason if she was honest.

Sarah was outside the flower shop admiring some geraniums when she heard the noise.

A loud deep boom, increasing in sound level as it went. She looked around to see where the rhythmic drum like noise was coming from, and then she looked to the sky.

There was no immediate signs of its location, she quickly turned her attention to other people on the high street, they also seemed a little bemused about the noise.

"What is it?"

"Where is it coming from?"

"It's kinda freaky!"

These were just some of the comments made.

People didn't seem scared as they looked at the sky through their sunglasses, sipping on their corporation coffee's that had invaded the high street.

Sarah wasn't exactly frightened either, the noise was loud but far off. She engaged in conversation with an old woman standing near three younger people.

Sarah asked, "can you hear that?"

"Yes, of course, mighty odd sound, like a drum."

"It could be some sort of machinery or industry perhaps," this isn't what Sarah really believed.

"Maybe," the woman didn't sound convinced, "or a far off storm perhaps."

The conversation continued in the manner with silences here and there.

It had been five minutes or so since it had begun, then the noise changed. The drumming had faded away to be replaced by a distant hum, a constant sound without break. It sounded like something you might hear in heavy weather, perhaps, except the skies were completely clear. The sound undulated here and there in an eerie kind of way.

"Could be underground tunnelling," said one of the younger people jokingly.

Another one said, "what do you mean?"

"You hear about the government building secret underground bases and tunnels."

"Oh come off it," the first one replied, "that's conspiracy trash. Just some strange weather, or something."

Nobody really seemed convinced to Sarah. There dismissive attitudes and jokes seemed painted on to her, not that she was a particularly good judge of social interaction. She thought about joining in the conspiracy talk, but this wasn't something she had heard about. Besides, she didn't like to express her views for fear of being branded the 'crazy conspiracy lady' of the town. She was sure she already had the title of 'crazy cat lady' despite having more rabbits than felines. Sarah also didn't like expressing her views in case, God forbid, she was actually right about any of them and expressing her 'knowledge' to the wrong person. Perhaps she got a little paranoid at times.

"Well," said the old lady, "as interesting as may be, I've got a pie to bake."

Off the old lady went. And that was that thought Sarah, the human ability to ignore and justify the strange and simply carry on as if nothing was happening. Not that Sarah was sure anything significant was going on other than a strange sound.

Still, she suffered generally from anxiety and it had been quietly building since an half hour earlier, in an awkward social exchange with a store clerk.

Two of the three younger people began talking about their plans for the evening. This made Sarah feel awkward and she decided it was time to go home.

On the drive back home she turned on the local radio station, and people where calling in about the strange noise in the sky, which must've been going on about half an hour or so now.

The conspiracy theories were coming out. They mentioned so thin she'd never heard of before called 'HAARP', the caller and DJ discussed it a little, something about a government agency who messes around with the ionosphere for strange reasons. She'd never heard about that before which surprised her, although she'd only just learnt about an alleged Nazi base on the moon, which she didn't believe for the record. Then over the course of the next ten minutes out came the usual alien and God conspiracies which made her giggle.

Then she heard the noise change as she pulled into the drive. As she got out of the car she tried to decipher what she was hearing. It was almost like... like some sort of air raid siren, that was all she could liken it to. No, in a deeper tone than that, but in relatively short bursts, as opposed to one long note. It wasn't a normal weather sound she knew that, and far too loud to be machinery or some-such, her gut told her that.

Then she realised she'd been sitting there thinking and listening too hard, and that she should really get out of the car and go in the house.

After greeting the animals and putting away the groceries she fed the needy cats and impatient dogs. She turned the radio on, loud, left the back door open and went outside to feed the rabbits.

It now sounded like an instrument of some kind. She pondered on this as she knelt and fed the rabbits. She stroked them as they seemed a frightened.

The radio turned back to religion and a caller came on claiming to be a professional trumpet player. He said they were trumpets in the sky. Sarah had never heard trumpets like that before. The caller said the type of trumpet sound was from a very old one called a shofar. He was very excited saying it sounded just like it.

Sarah went inside and looked it up on YouTube. Indeed it was a similar sound.

Then it stopped. Suddenly. The terrifying excitement was over. Further investigation presented a conspiracy theory of the 'seventh seal' being broken by activating the Hadron collider or the HAARPS projects activities.

The bible said the sounding of the trumpets would usher in great disasters. Well, there was plenty of them about these days. The last trumpet, the seventh call would be the end of days, apparently.

The trumpets had been heard infrequently since 2011. Scientists came up with some scientific reason for the noises, but if they were right why had nobody heard these noise prior to 2011 or so?

The end of the world was always being predicted, Sarah just kept her head down. She wished she had a normal life and didn't worry so much about conspiracy theories.

A long time passed with no sign of the noises again, Sarah couldn't help wonder if the next time would be the last trumpets to be heard.

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