To live or die

All about a sister and her gay brother.


2. Helen

~~Chapter 2 Helen 
   Helen had insisted on seeing her brother’s brutalised body in the mortuary. It was not a pretty sight, the police had no clues. It appeared that according to the autopsy report Charley Carter's body had been doused from head to toe with gasoline so they were unable to get any useful DNA samples of his attackers.
   Reluctantly they told Helen that her brother had been gang raped as well as kicked to death. He was found naked in his car. Apparently his attackers had pushed his car off the cliff road expecting it to explode into flames on impact and so dispose of the body that way.
   Charley’s college roommate Tony was most helpful. He suggested that if Helen liked he would take her to visit the place where her brother’s car had gone off the road. He was very supportive giving Helen a hug when she started crying over a photo showing Charley with Tony and the team in football helmets and shoulder pads.
   Helen found the hug comforting for it was nice to feel a pair of strong arms rapped around her in a protective manner. The death of her brother had been a real shock. She had spoken to Charley only a few hours before and was looking forward to seeing him. Now he was gone and in such a horrible way.
   “I’m sorry I’ve wet your T shirt.” Helen said standing back.
   “That’s easily fixed,” Tony said pulling the wet shirt off over his head exposing his muscular upper body.
    Under different circumstances Helen would have been tempted to go to bed with Tony, but instead suggesting as she felt hungry, that they go and get something to eat.  
   Tony parked the car at the tourists’ viewing point. Helen thought the view was stunning and took a photo with her camera phone. They had to walk about a hundred metres up the hill to reach the spot where the car went over the cliff.  Looking down she could see the car was still there cordoned off with crime scene tapes wrapped around the area. Apparently they had retrieved the body from the car using a dirt road nearby. All this Helen carefully documented on her camera phone. On the way back to Tony’s car, Helen spotted a box of matches lying on the ground. On impulse, she picked the box up and put it into her pocket.


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