''The Crux''

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  • Published: 29 Aug 2015
  • Updated: 29 Aug 2015
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A great mystery happened in the beach town of Summerton.


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    In Africa people believe that there is invisible world around us which gives us signals what to do. We think world is what we see,but sometimes unusual events occur that just can't be explained. Such bizarre case happened in the winter of 1948.
   In a cold December morning,on the beach of Summerton, a town in Australia, unknown man was found dead. The deceased had no documents or I.D. No one in town knew him. He was a total stranger.
 After the autopsy, the local coroner said the man with no identity was poisoned. But by whom? Or he did it himself?If so,then why? Numerous questions which remained unanswered for whole two years.
  In 1950, the case of the dead stranger on the beach was renewed. This time the investigators found in a secret pocket of the man's jacket, a piece of raffled paper with the words:

                ''...who goes out there beyond? Remains a crux for all wise people. Where is the beginning of the circle? Where is its end?...  Taman Shud''

  These words seemed like to be part of a poem. After detailed investigation and after consult with a linguist, the police officers found that ''Taman Shud'' means ''The End'' in old Arabic and the words in the paper were part of the poem''Rubaiyat'' by the Persian poet and philosopher Omar Khayyam. The poem was very ancient and the main topic of it is the meaning of human life. It looked like that the dead man wanted his dead letter to speak and provoke other people to value life because it's too short.
  After this wicked revelation, all media in Australia tried to find the book with the torned page that was found in the mysteriously man's clothes.
  After couple of months, the quest lead to a man who said he found the book on the back seat of his car in the night before the stranger was found dead but the man claimed he never saw or met in his life the dead man. Then,how the book appeared in his car?
  This case was getting even more complicated when unexpectedly the dead man's body disappeared into thin air from the morgue of the hospital in Summerton.
  People started thinking this crotchety fellow brought curse to the town. Some even believed he was an alien or even sent from hell. A lot of other local folks were happy that the stranger's body vanished.
At least one thing remained certain-this was the greatest crux ever happened in the  Australian beach town even to this day.

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