Smart|| M.C

He was the smartest boy in school, she was dumber then a rock. He dyed his hair so many times everyone forgot, but so did she. They both loved blink 182, Green Day, and Nirvana... Both have the same fashion interests, band shirt and black skinny jeans. Both have an eye brow piercing... They're everyones OTP.. But what do they think of eachother?


1. Prologue

H​e is the Smartest boy in school, Straight A's, 4.0 GPA.. You would never know it though by the way he dresses...He dresses like a punk rocker, band t-shirts and ripped skinny jeans..... He also dyes his hair so many colors....

Then there was her, she dresses the same as him, but there are many differences between them, or so they think.... People call her the Dumbest Girl in school...... She has the lowest GPA....  And she has blue hair and dyes the tips of her hair so many types of colors..

They're in their 10th year together, but what happens when the Dumbest Girl in school and the smartest boy in school get put together in class? Will he actually help her realize that she is worth more than everyone says? Or will she stay like this for the rest of her life?

Find out in this book!!!


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