Smart|| M.C

He was the smartest boy in school, she was dumber then a rock. He dyed his hair so many times everyone forgot, but so did she. They both loved blink 182, Green Day, and Nirvana... Both have the same fashion interests, band shirt and black skinny jeans. Both have an eye brow piercing... They're everyones OTP.. But what do they think of eachother?


2. Chapter 1

Michaels P.O.V

"Michael! The bus is here!" My Mum yelled up the stairs. I was already ready, I have never missed a day of school, and I wasn't starting now.. I grabbed my backpack and ran downstairs. "Love you Mum!" I kissed her cheek and ran out the door and to the bus. "Good Morning Miss Debby you look lovely today" I smiled handing her a rose. "Oh Mikey," she blushed "no wonder all the girls love you" she took the rose and I blushed. I went to go sit in my seat next to the dumbest girl in school. She was probably texting the guy she was sleeping with this week. She's kinda hot, I have to admit, but I'm not into that. We only have one class together, and that was Algebra. I don't know how she is still in that class, in order to be in Algebra you need to keep a B+ at least to stay in the class. Maybe she has nerds do her homework, probably because she can pay them well... Her Dad is a billionaire, he owns a really famous company in Europe. His name is Marco Ortiz-Sanchez. He owns a franchise of cars in Spain, and her name, is Julia Ortiz-Sanchez. She has blue hair and black tips, browns eyes and the most beautiful smile I have ever seen... Like I said, I'm not interested and either is she..

 We finally got to the school and I was away from her.. This time I was with my friends, Luke and Calum, were no longer talk to Ash since he started bullying us for being smarter than him. Anyways when I was walking over to Luke, Calum was helping him fix his glasses, they split in half. "And this is why we wear contacts boys" I said as I clapped slowly.

"But Contacts are so frustrating and they bother my eyes" He said rubbing his eyes.

"Too bad" I said laughing.

They both frowned, but then we all started laughing until the cheerleaders came around. God I was so in love with this one girl named Juliet. She was perfect. She had braces and glasses and god, I think im in love.

Julia's P.O.V
Fuck, he's so hot. Michael Gordon Clifford, the fucking s.e.x god I mean have you looked at that boys body? Under that nerd form is a sexy devil, with a 6 pack, loads of chest hair and, god, fucking muscles. His whole body is fucking perfection, I need Jesus. I need to go to church HALLELUJAH! Too bad him and his geek squad think I'm dumb, when really I'm not.


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