Stella's story


2. chapter 1

Stella's pov

I woke up to my alarm going off. With my eyes Still closed I was feeling for it on my night stand. Once I found it I turned it off and got out of bed.

Once I was out of my bed I headed to the shower. I put my music on and got in and took a shower.

Once I was ready I headed downstairs to the kitchen. in the kitchen I was greeted by a warm hug form my mom. Good morning mom. Good morning Stella.

My mom had made me breakfast like always. Even tho I keep telling her I can make it myself. I've got to go to work now Stella have fun at school love u. Bye love u to mom.

After I was done eating breakfast I picked up my backpack. Got in my car and was off to school

I got to school and as soon as I walked in was greeted by my best friend. Hey violet how are you. Good how r u she said. Good so u excited for the party tonight. Ya who isn't.

Luke hemming was having a party tonight. Senses his parents were out of town for the week. Anyway Luke's party's r the best so when he has one everyone is excited.

Well I better get to class see u at lunch. See u at lunch. I was heading toward my class when I bumped in to Luke and spilled his coffee every were . Oh my gosh I'm so sorry. It ok it was my fault for just standing here he said. No it is my fault I wasn't looking were I was going and these happen. If it has to be your fault then it can be your fault. Even tho I really wanted it to be my fault he said. Which made me giggle. I well go get some paper towels. No I have a towel in my locker he said. Why do u have a towel in your locker. Just in case these happens. I started to giggle again. Any way my name is Luke. I'm Stella well nice to meet u Stella will I see u at my party later he asked. Yes u will I said and walked of.

He was so nice and funny. He was all I could think of dearing class. I mean of course he was cute but just through all the sweetness on him.

The bell rang bring me out of my thoughts.

* skip to lunch *

Hey Stella I heard violet calling my name. I started to walk to were we usually sat.

Hey Stella this time it was Luke calling my name and heading my way. Hey Luke. Hey I was wondering if me and my friends could sit with u guys he asked. Sure sounds good. Do u see the girl with purple hair. Yes Luke said. Well I will be over there with her and the rest of my friends. Ok meet u over there in few.

Once I sat down all of my friends seem to have the same question. Luke is sitting with as and the other guy's to. All of them had the facial expression that said about time.

See we were the popular girl and them the popular guys it only made since.

Luke ,Michael, cal and ash sat down. Hey guys how r u. In unison they all said good u girls. All of us started giggling. What's so funny Michael asked. U guys saying the exact same things at exact same time Yes and we do it a lot ash said. We all started talking like had know each over for years.

*Skip to the drive home*

Violet was coming to my house tonight. My mom was out tell tomorrow. So it would be easy for us to get to the party but first we stopped bye the mall. To get some new clothes.

I picked out a black dress with some red detailing and Violet had the same thing except purple detailing.

We headed back to my house to get ready.

Authors notes hey I hope u enjoy this fanfic it is my first one so I hope it isn't to bad love u guys bye.

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