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When McKinley's brother Michael joins a band, McKinley get's caught up in the middle of things. Ashton is amazing and McKinley can see herself having a future with him, but what will get in the way of this blossoming relationship? (Just a quick warning that there will be smut somewhere int his story so don't read if you get offended :)


1. тнe вegιnnιng


"Michael for the last time please tell your friends to keep it down I'm trying to study!" I shout to my brother Michael from my bedroom. A few hours ago some of my brother's friends showed up at my front door and are currently 'practicing' for there soon to be 'famous band'. What a load of bullshit.


My attempts of trying to be quiet Michael have failed miserably so I decide to go down the no needed confrontation. I get off my bed which I wish would consume me whole right now so I don't have to go downstairs to my brother and his friends in my over-sized Winnie The Pooh T-shirt which is going to say the least be embarrassing.


I make my way downstairs and head for the garage my brother uses to jam. Coming from inside I can hear a few guitar strings being plucked at and a soft drum beat being picked up.

"Ok guys stop!" I hear an unfamiliar voice shout to quiet everyone down. "This is lacking something. It doesn't have enough...enthusiasm!" the voice continues.


"Yeah I agree with Calum, I think we need to put a bit more into it if we actually want people to like us" my brother is speaking now. I walk up to the garage door and softly knock. No one answers it. I mean it is my garage so why am I even knocking? I knock again but this time much more loudly.


The door opens and I am greeted with Michael's green hair and sweaty face.

"Can I help you McKinley?" he asked me, almost smugly.

"Yes you can actually," I push open the door so it is fully open and I can see the rest of the 'band'. Standing infront of a mic is an extremely tall blonde wearing black jeans and a muscle top. Infact, they're all wearing muscle tops. All except one.


The guy sitting behind our old drum set wasn't wearing any top at all, but hey, I'm not complaining! His chest was so muscular and glistening with sweat, everyone of his beautiful abs so pronounced. He lifted his hand up to move his gorgeous brown moppy hair out of his face. I swear I could see every muscle in his arm move.


It was like catching Channing Tatum and Ryan Gosling mixed into one perfect specimen. He looked up at me, revealing his dimples which was just the cherry on top.

"You were saying...?" Michael was looking at me expectantly while I was still awestruck by my brother's drummer.


"Um huh? Oh yeah sorry," I stuttered which must have let Perfect Drummer Boy know that he literally left me speechless. "I was just wondering if you guys could maybe keep it down a little bit? I'm sort of trying to study and no offence but you guys aren't really helping me any." I give my brother a pleading look and he just nods.


"Yeah sure sorry McKinley we'll try." He smiles and then leans down and kisses me on the forehead. Michael and I have always had that kind of relationship; we're very close and can tell each other anything, but we also show our affection by you know hugging and stuff, and the occasional kiss on the forehead never hurt anyone.


"Thanks Mikey." I say smiling. I gave him a hug and head back to my room. Two hours later my coffee cravings start kicking in. I go downstairs and put the kettle on to boil. From the garage I can hear another drum beat and can't help but think of that boy's perfect well, everything. The sound of the kettle popping off brings me back to reality.


I finish making my coffee when the garage door opens and out comes Michael and the infamous Drummer Boy. "Yeah man its up the stairs and to your ri- oh McKinley perfect! You wouldn't mind showing Ashton the way to the bathroom on your way up would you?" Michael beams at me from the hall.


"Yeah sure that's fine." I reply back trying to play it cool. Drummer Boy- or Ashton and Michael had said- flashed me his million dollar dimple filled smile and follows me to the stairs.

"Hey I'm Ashton." he says to me, showing me another smile. Jesus Christ this boy is perfect!

"I'm McKinley." I say back to him, showing off my own smile.


"Well its extremely nice to meet you McKinley, and may I just say, I really love your shirt." he winks at me which cause my stomach to flutter. "Thank you Ashton, and may I just say, I really love your lack of a shirt." I say back to him in the same way he had to me and winked. I then turn my back to him and start up the stairs, hearing him follow a few steps behind.


We reach the top of the stairs and I lead him to the bathroom. "Thank you for showing me the way." he flashed me a smile. I smile back and turn to go to my bedroom when he calls after me.

"Oh and McKinley?"

"Yes Ashton?" I ask, trying to be seductive as I possibly can wearing a Winnie The Pooh T-shirt.


"I especially love your pink lacey panties." he says with another wink and with that walks into the bathroom and locks the door. It takes me awhile to figure out how he knows what panties I'm wearing but then I realize I'm not wearing any shorts and I was walking in front of him on the stairs.


Oh dear lord, Ashton, the most perfect human alive, was looking at my ass! Could this night get any better?



Hey guys this is my first ever fanfiction so don't judge me too much!!

I'll probs be updating a lot because I'm on school vacation and have no social life! :D

~McKinley A. xx

P.S. Yes I know I used my own name in this but hey, why not ;)


Goal: 10 likes for next chapter!

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