I'm bullied because I'm different.
Because I don't have a home.
Because I can't afford good clothes.
Because rude things often just slip out of my mouth.
Oh, and because they're all scared that I'll accidentally kill them with my 'magic powers'.
So maybe I'm not your average teenager, but it's not my fault.
I'd give anything to just be normal and accepted.
Of course, things aren't just going to be that way.
So this is my story.


4. Reunion

Within the last hour I had found out three incredibly crazy things.

1. I wasn't the only person in the world with powers.

2. I'm supposed to be one of only two people in the world able to defeat some evil thing.

3. I have a sister. A twin sister.

Apparently my sister and I are special because were Elementals. Oscar explained to me that means we are people who can control the elements. I can control fire and air and apparently my sister, Emily, can control earth and water. I wonder if we're identical... I hope she's nice... I wonder which one of us is older...

I'm interrupted by Oscar swooping to the ground in eagle form below me.

"We're here," Oscar breathes out. "We'll go the palace to meet your sister."

A million emotions run through me at once. Panic, excitement, happiness, anticipation, just to name a few.

I quickly follow Oscar through the quaint village to a towering marble castle. Emily is standing in the middle of the first room we walk into, shifting her weight from foot to foot awkwardly. Her dark brown hair is tied up into a bun, much different to my dirty blonde hair, and she's wearing much nicer clothes than me. As she looks up, we make eye contact, and this is the first time I really decide that we must be twins. I feel this incredibly strong connection, as if there is a bond between us that was never really broken, but weakened by our years apart. I can feel the air stirring around me, and the fire building in my soul. Before I can control it, flames appear in my hand and hurl into the middle of the room. Emily jumps as a small chunk of earth comes in through the open door, and water flows in behind it. The water looks so elegant, rippling through the air, the earth looks much more plain, simply hurling towards the centre of the room. The three elements are surrounded by a rush of air, swirling around and around until they can't be seen anymore. Emily and I look at each other in amazement as there is a bright flash of light and an elegant marble fountain with a sun and moon carved into it. Coming out of the vase was a constant flow of water, though there was no puddle forming on the floor. I did think the outcome of the elements would be slightly more exciting, but this is still pretty cool.

A girl with blonde pigtails who was waiting in the room with Emily gasps, I think her name is Jenny. "I read about this fountain. It was first made a long, long time ago by an unknown magician. When the magician died, the country went into a huge drought, until our people found other sources of water again to sustain themselves. This fountain represents eternal life in the country."

From what Oscar told me, I'm assuming the country she is referring to is Aréa, a tiny country filled with only about 100 magicians. Magicians are just anyone with any kind of power. 

"So..." Emily speaks up for the first time. "This fountain is a good thing then? Why is it that us just being here made it?"

"Your powers must have stirred inside you and reawakened the memory of this fountain, bringing it back to life." Jenny explains. "... Anyway, I'll leave you two to get properly acquainted." 

She walks out of the room, and I'm left alone with my sister.


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