I'm bullied because I'm different.
Because I don't have a home.
Because I can't afford good clothes.
Because rude things often just slip out of my mouth.
Oh, and because they're all scared that I'll accidentally kill them with my 'magic powers'.
So maybe I'm not your average teenager, but it's not my fault.
I'd give anything to just be normal and accepted.
Of course, things aren't just going to be that way.
So this is my story.


11. Reality

My eyes shoot open and I sit up, hitting my head on the ceiling. 

"Ow..." I mutter, rubbing my forehead.

My breath catches as I remember my dream. 'Myra', she said her name was. I make a mental note to ask someone else about that. I hear a noise beneath me and glance down to see Alice shifting to look over at me.

"Morning," she says. 

"You're up early," I comment.

"I always am, I think," she laughs a little.

"Hey... I just have a question..."

"Fire away."

"Have you ever heard of anyone called Myra?" I ask.

Alice's eyes glaze over, and I sigh in frustration. It seems if I want anything answered around here, I have to find out for myself. 

"Nevermind..." I mutter. "So, what's for breakfast?"

"Probably cereal or something, I don't know, this isn't my boat."

"Alright," I shrug, climbing down out of my bed. "Want to come eat?"

"Did someone mention food?" Jenny raises to a sitting position.

"Yeah, I was just going to go get breakfast."

"I heard food," Sophie says.

"Okay, well now that I know effective ways to get you people up... Let's go eat," I say.

The four of us make our way down to the kitchen, and I find some eggs and bacon in the fridge, then start cooking them for everyone. Eggs are about the only thing I ever learnt how to cook. Eggs and pancakes. The two most important meals, obviously.

I turn around to face everyone while the eggs are cooking, and decide to try one more time. "Do any of you know someone called Myra?" 

Sophie's and Alice's eyes both glaze over immediately, as if there's some function in their brain that is blocking the question from going through.

"I don't think I've ever heard of her..." Jenny frowns.

I look up at her in shock, thinking I must be imagining that she said something.

"What?" she asks, noticing me watching her.

"I didn't expect that you'd hear me," I say. "They didn't." I gesture to Alice and Sophie, whose eyes are still glazed over.

"Ohh... Weird..." she waves her hand in front of their faces, and they don't even blink.

"Well that's certainly interesting," she says after a moment.

"Yeah... So this Myra, you haven't heard of her?" I ask.

Jenny thinks for a minute, and then she gasps, looking back at me. "She's a magician, like us, but she was banished, I think... I don't remember why... But she used to be really good friends with Oscar."

The last statement hits me unexpectedly. What if she's still good friends with Oscar? What if she convinced him to kidnap Emily for some reason? 

I turn as I hear the eggs popping, and realise that I almost burnt them. I quickly grab some plates and dish out the eggs, handing them to Sophie and Alice (who are acting normal and chatting now), and then handing a plate to Jenny, giving her a small shrug and mouthing 'I guess we'll talk later'.


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