I'm bullied because I'm different.
Because I don't have a home.
Because I can't afford good clothes.
Because rude things often just slip out of my mouth.
Oh, and because they're all scared that I'll accidentally kill them with my 'magic powers'.
So maybe I'm not your average teenager, but it's not my fault.
I'd give anything to just be normal and accepted.
Of course, things aren't just going to be that way.
So this is my story.


5. Power

Everyone left the room, allowing me to reunite with my sister. We look nothing alike. She has beautiful wavy brown hair compared to my wispy dirty blonde. Hair eyes are a deep brown, compared to my vibrant blue; and she is just generally better looking than me, like everybody I suppose. 

The long marble hallway seems to stretch out between us. "So..." I try to make conversation, very unsure of how friendship actually works in my long years of social exile. Before I can figure this out, three of the floor-to-ceiling windows smash, and a group of people jump through them, armed with weapons. I make frantic eye contact with Emily, and run to her so we can stand back-to-back and defend ourselves. 

A few of the people bring out guns and start firing at us, and Emily quickly uses the Earth to our defence, making it rise up around us. Her strength only lasts for a few seconds, before the wall crashes down in front of us. Emily staggers and I use the air to pull her up, and lift both of us into the air. I feel the weight of two people, moving the air as smoothly as I can to get us out of the window. 

Once we get out, people start firing arrows at us from the roof. I feel them shooting through the air I'm controlling, stop them, light the tip on fire, then send them shooting back to the people who shot them. I lower Emily and I down to the ground, and she starts controlling the large body of water around us, sweeping it up and over the people in and on the building. Tons of water flood onto them, and most of them get knocked out. I blow large gusts of air at the last few, and the sheer force of it blows them all of their feet, and when they land they are unconscious.

I breathe out a sigh of relief and turn to Emily, exhausted. "Where is everyone?"

"They literally just ditched us," Emily replies, just as a tawny owl comes swooping towards us, morphing into Oscar as he lands. My heart skips a beat as I see him, and I need to remind myself to calm down.

"Are you girls okay?" he breathes out, panting. He must've been far away, to be so tired from his flight.

"Fine," I say, gesturing to the people knocked out in the palace, "they're probably not though."

His eyes widen as he sees just how many people there are. "Did you guys knock them all out just by yourselves?"

"Yup, I don't know if you noticed, but that's the reason why we're kind of tired." she says sarcastically. I'm liking her more and more by the second. 

"Yeah... Right... You girls should go rest," Oscar says vaguely.

"Right... Well, you see, that's our accomodation right there," Emily sweeps her arm towards the palace. "And it's kind of flooded, and I'm too tired to get all of that water out at the moment."

"Right. Yes,' he snaps back to reality. "I'm not sure if there is anywhere that can accommodate you both... One of you can stay at my place if you want, and I'm pretty sure that Alice and Sophie and Will have a spare room- they're my friends, they literally live next door to me, so one of you can stay there."

"Okay, sounds good." I say.

It's only a short walk to Oscar's house, and once we get there Emily and I are so tired we almost collapse. Oscar knocks on the door of a medium-sized house, and a guy with dark skin, black hair and a kind face opens the door. This must be Will. Oscar says something to him, but I don't register what. Words have sort of gone fuzzy in my head, I'm so tired. I'm sure I've used that much power before, but I've never been this exhausted... I suppose it has been a rather big day though, what with almost killing myself, meeting my sister etc etc etc. Emily heads into their house without any agreement between us of who would share which house. I'm secretly happy, I really like Oscar. I mean, I can't. I barely know him. But still there's just something about him that feels so right. I stagger into Oscar's house and collapse on the first couch I see, passing out almost immediately without a second thought.

*          *          *

I wake up in a soft bed, with a warm blanket on top of me. My first response is panic. I dart up and glance at the navy blue walls around me. Where am I? The last day comes flooding back into my memory. It was real, it's all real. I'm not alone, there are actual people who care about me. This thought brings me to tears. I don't know how it happened, but now I'm full on sobbing. I've never felt so safe or loved in my whole life, and with people I've only known for a day. It almost seems too good to be true.

I see a blurry figure come in through the door, and I try to blink away my tears. Weak. I'm so weak, just crying here. The figure sits beside me on the bed and wraps an electric-warm arm around me. Without even being able to see properly, I know it's Oscar. No one else could ever make me feel like that.

"What's wrong?" he asks.

"Absolutely nothing," I choke out, "and that's really scary. I've never felt so safe in my life and I'm so scared it's all going to crash down around me." Why am I telling him this?

"Shhh, it's going to be alright." Keeping his arm around me, he lies down beside me. "I'll stay here, okay? You rest." 

And I trust him, I seriously trust him because I feel so safe, and I never want to leave his electric embrace. I rest my head on his chest and fall asleep to the gentle rise and fall of his breathing.

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