The Poor Woman's Daughter

"Am I just some charity event to you?" I asked backing up. "No! Why would you think that?" he asked as he slowly inched towards me. "Whatever! I knew this was to good to be true....." [© 2015 Gabby W. all rights reserved] [Cover credit to brianna lauren]


4. Chapter 3

"So it's not weird leaving in a house with people you hardly know?" My best friend, Erica asked. I shook my head no even though it is kind of weird. 


"Liz tries to make it feel as comfortable as possible. Luke on the other head," I answered as I looked over to Luke and his friends who were laughing at something Calum did. "I don't think he enjoys me staying at his house that much," I added.


"He will come around eventually," she assured. We walked to our first class which for me was history but for Erica it was math. When I walked in everyone was talking to someone. Erica was my only friend so normally when we don't have a class together I sit in the back and ignore everyone around me but a certain someone caught my eye. It was Michael Clifford. He was at the back talking to another guy but when he saw me he waved me over.


"Emily! Over here!" he shouted and I walked over to where he was sitting. Luckily there was a seat right next to him which I took.


"I didn't know you took history," I said really shocked. He chuckled.


"Well we just met yesterday so you wouldn't even notice," he replied. I had to admit he had a point. "How are you and Luke doing?" he asked as he watched me get ready for history. I shrugged.


"He's still a douche to me so I guess the same," was my answered. Michael chuckled. Mr. Allan stood up to start class when Calum rushed in.


"You were almost late Mr. Hood," Mr. Allan spoke and Calum rolled his eyes.


"At least I came to class," he argued back. Mr. Allan pointed to a seat in front and Calum took it.


"Now...." Our teacher began.


"Hey, Em!" Michael shouted as I walked out of history and made my way to my locker. I looked at him and waited for him to continue. "Do you want to come with me to a party?" he asked. 


"I don't know Michael. I don't really enjoy parties that much," I replied. Michael pouted.


"Come on! Matthew Gillis throws the best parties in all of Australia!" Michael begged. I sighed. 


"Fine! But I don't think Liz will like me going to a party instead of studying," I pointed out. I pulled out my science books and walked to my class. Michael continued to follow.


"Don't worry about her! I think she will let you!" Michael assured. You don't know Liz, I thought.

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