The Poor Woman's Daughter

"Am I just some charity event to you?" I asked backing up. "No! Why would you think that?" he asked as he slowly inched towards me. "Whatever! I knew this was to good to be true....." [© 2015 Gabby W. all rights reserved] [Cover credit to brianna lauren]


3. Chapter 2

"And here's your room," Mrs. Hemmings said as she leads me into a room. It had white walls and wooden floorboards. It was a little bigger than I'm use to back at home. It also had a bed, dresser, and a full-length mirror. I walked over to the window and looked out to see a beautiful view of a garden. I smiled and turned to Liz.


"I love it. Thank you." Liz smiled back at me and placed my bag on the bed. Then she walked over to me and laid her hand on my shoulder.


"You don't have to thank me, honey. I'm just trying to help your mother out," she replied and gave me a warm hug before turning and leaving. Before she fully left she turned to me. "I made you some lunch if you're hungry. It's down in the fridge," she added and left. I sighed. At least Liz is kind. I haven't met Mr. Hemmings, Ben or Jack yet. As much as I don't want to be here. I know I don't have a choice. A small knock brought me out of my thoughts as I looked over to the door to see Luke and three other guys.


"Hey, Emily. My friends wanted to come and meet you," he said. I looked at each one of them then back at Luke, waiting for him to continue. "This is Michael," he pointed to a guy with black hair. I gave him a small smile and waved at him. He did the same. "This is Calum," he pointed to a tan guy with black hair. I did the same thing that I did with Michael. "And this is Ashton," he pointed to a guy with curly hair. I waved at him and he did too. 


"Nice to meet you guys. I'm Emily if you didn't know already," I introduced. They all chuckled except Luke who has a serious look on his face. 


"Well, Mom went to go get food for dinner and dad won't get home until late. Want to join the boys and me? We're going to Calum's to practice," Luke asked.


"What are you practicing for?" I asked back.


"We're in a band. 5 Seconds of Summer. We really would like it if you came and gave us your opinion on how we sound," Michael spoke up. I smiled. This is the first time I actually hung out with a guy or a group of guys. Guys don't find me much interesting.


"Sure! Sounds exciting!" I chirped as I picked up my phone and walked outside with the boys.


Calum lead us to his garage. On the way, I met his mom, Joy. She seems nice. 


"So Emily. How do you like living at the Hemmings so far?" Michael asked as he picked his guitar up. 


"I haven't been there long to know," I answered. I looked over at Luke. He just rolled his eyes."Liz seems nice, though," I added.


"What about Luke?" Michael whispers so he doesn't hear. 


"He seems to not like me being there. I don't blame him, though. I don't really want to be there either," I whispered back.


"Well I'm glad you're here," Michael replied and smiled at me. I smiled back. We talked for a few more minutes until Luke interrupted us.


"It's time to start so let's go!" Luke almost yelled. Michael got his guitar ready then they started to play. In my opinion, they sounded amazing.

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