The Poor Woman's Daughter

"Am I just some charity event to you?" I asked backing up. "No! Why would you think that?" he asked as he slowly inched towards me. "Whatever! I knew this was to good to be true....." [© 2015 Gabby W. all rights reserved] [Cover credit to brianna lauren]


1. Prologue

Luke's P.O.V


I unlocked my door and walked in. I throw my back on the ground and started to walk to my room. As I was passing the kitchen I could hear my mom talking to someone. 


"I know, Lilly! I think this is the best option for you and for her," she said on the phone. She paused as she listens to the person on the other end. I stood a quite of bit far from the door so my mom can't see me but I can still hear. "Lilly! I will do it! Don't worry!" she continued calmly. She paused again and let out a sigh. "Well, you think about it and get back to me. Talk to you later," she ended the call and that is when I walked in.


"Hey, mom!" I greeted, acting like I just got back but I been back for twenty minutes. She jumped a little and turned. A smile appeared on her face.


"Oh! Luke! You scared me!" she laughed as she walked over and hugged me. I chuckled.


"Sorry. How was your day? You look stress," I asked. She frowned and walked into the living room. I followed. 


"It was! But I have to tell you something. It's kind of a change so don't get pissed or anything...." she said slowly. I looked at her confused and waited for her to go on. She took a big deep breath. "My friend Lilly lost both of her jobs and now she is losing her house so I offered to take her daughter in. I don't know how long but just until Lilly can go to college and get a job so she can get another house. She is going to stay with her sister that is 14 hours away from here and didn't want her daughter to switch schools," she explained. I just stood there speechless. We haven't had anyone living here since Jack bought his own apartment. It's just been me and my parents.


"Um.... Okay." Is all I could get out. What else can I say? 


"Okay then. But there's one thing I need you to do if we are going to do this," my mom said and I nodded. "You have to make her feel welcomed and you can't flirt with her or make any moves on her. Understood?" she added. I nodded again. She walked to her room. I was still speechless. 


A girl is probably coming to leave with us and I have no idea who she is! I walked into my room and called up Michael. I explained everything my mom told me.


"You haven't even met this girl and she might come live you," he repeated. 


"Yes! I don't know about this Michael! What if she is going to murder us when we are sleeping! I really think this is a bad idea but I can't tell my mother that! She always wanted a girl and this is close enough. I don't want to hurt her."


"Mate, just don't worry. Just try it out and just maybe you will enjoy her company. But I call dibs on her!" he shouted in the phone.


"Fine! Mum said I can't make a move on her or flirt with her but she didn't say you can," I chuckled while saying that. "Well, I better go, mate."


"Okay. Good luck! Can't wait to meet my future girlfriend!" Michael shouted again and hung up. I'm pretty sure I'm deaf now. 


"Lukey!" I heard my mother call and I walked to where she was at. I peeked my head in her room. She had the phone on her lap and a huge smile on her face.


"So... Is she coming to live with us?" I asked.


"Yes! I'm so excited! I think you are going to like her! Last time I saw her she was the sweetest girl ever!" she squealed. I smiled. I hope we won't have to regret this....


Finally! I made it! Hope you guys like this one because I think this might be my favorite to update because I have a lot of ideas for this! Comment, like, and favorite! 


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