Naya has returned from traveling the world with her step sister Lia after trying to forget something from the past.

Ashton her brother is in a band witch consists of Michael Clifford, Calum Hood, and the one and only Luke Hemmings.

will Naya trust luke enough to tell him? will they have something? or will they always be friends and no more?


2. prologue

~~NAYA'S P.O.V~~


"yes...yes we're doing fine, ya alright thanks" oh ash you worry too much. i had just gotten off the phone with my brother Ashton. My sister and I, well step sister had just landed in Australia we wanted to travel the world and so we did" we left last year and we may be young but mum was ok with it as long as we took an online school.


see there was a whole reason why i wanted to leave. one only my family knew

 and my sister Lia offered to come with.


Ashton was coming to pick us up.

i remember him telling us about a band he joined which consisted of 3 friends named Michael, Calum, and Luke. all of them were pretty close to me but when we left we kinda lost all contact with each other except ash of course.


''is he coming?"  Lia asked.

"ya he should be here any minute now" 


we heard a honk and looked toward where it came from, it was Ashton we ran to the car, he got out and gave us both a hug. 


"god i missed you both so much !"  ash said as he brought us both into a hug


lia giggled and said "We missed you too big bro" 


"we better get going" i said and we got in the car and headed home


we got home and as i entered through the door i realized how mush i actually missed my home. it was peaceful and quite





scratch that. i thought as 3 boys came running in screaming mine and lia's name


i was then brought into a group hug with 4 other people. me and lia look at each other and laugh

i missed these boys very much 


"alright, alright break it up" ash said from behind us


"how about we watch some movies and catch up and talk" calum suggested 

we all agreed and we chose a few movies.



sorry about the short chapter, its my first time writing 

i know its crappy but it gets better !

i promise :)

bye lovlies have a good day !

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