Hungerless *entry for the sci fi comp*


1. ..

(unfinished story)



Three weeks, three weeks has she been my beautiful bride. My dark haired, grey eyed beauty. Katniss. Katniss Snow. It just rolls off the tongue doesn't it? its fitting really. really fitting. I love her. really I do.

I still remember how I proposed, it was splendid! A shot in the bakers back and a dozen roses dipped in his blood. His young, lovely deep red blood. Then I said to her that if she didn't marry me then I would kill her and her family. the ring looks marvellous on her slim pale finger. marvellous.

My rough aged hands against her slim youthful hands, the soft skin which I grip tight. for she is mine. only mine! I know I am getting ahead of myself here. But this is where her story ends. No rebellion any more. She is my mokingjay. My beauty, and she knows it. she knows that if she ever defies me there will be trouble. a lot of it. Oh. Did I mention? her family is dead. but she doen't know this. oh hell does she know! the joy I felt as they shot them, square in the head. Along with that other guy, Male? Bale? Gale. Gale. he's gone too!

Anyway, I must go.

- President snow


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