Jet black heart

"Danielle I have a jet black heart with a hurricane underneath it" said Michael

"Trying to tear us apart but I'm not going to let that happen Michael" said dani looking up at Michael


10. vomiting?

~2 months later~

Daniella's P.O.V

I woke up wrapped in Michael's arms. Till this now usually feeling of liquid came running up my throat, I ran out to the bathroom and sat on the floor to puke. This has been happening for the past couple of days. I brushed my teeth and went to wake up Michael.

"Mikey I need to go to the doctor I'm tired of puking every morning and I have gained weight ugh wasn't I already fat enough" I said shaking him.

"Okay get ready we can go today and your not fat stop it" he said while getting up.

"Can we get Dunkin donuts I'm starving and I'm craving bagels" I said while going to the bathroom. I was washing my body till a pair of arms wrapped around me.

"You thought you were gonna shower without me" said a deep voice behind me. I turned around to face Michael. He kissed me and as the kiss started to deepen I pulled away.

"I have to shower stop distracting me" I said while giggling.

"It's not my fault the dick wants what it wants" he said.

"Okay shut up Selena Gomez and shower" I said. He laughed and started kissing down my face. He wanted to play fine let's play. I started kissing his neck and leaving a mark near his collar bone and I ran my hand down his chest.

"Mmm" he moaned. I then turned off the water and hopped out.

"Wow thanks" he said while rolling his eyes.

"You started it and I ended it" I did while getting dressed.

We were not in the doctors office waiting for the results.

"Congrats mr and mrs Clifford you are going to have a baby and it's a girl" he said. I stood there with tears in my eyes. I'm going to have a baby girl.

"I'm going to be a dad. With a new little princess" said Michael in shock.

Michael's P.O.V

I have a family.

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