Jet black heart

"Danielle I have a jet black heart with a hurricane underneath it" said Michael

"Trying to tear us apart but I'm not going to let that happen Michael" said dani looking up at Michael


11. twins?!!!

~8 months later~

Daniella's P.O.V

I was sitting on the couch till I felt something wet under me I thought maybe I dropped my water. And then I noticed my water broke.

Michael let's go I'm going into labor" I said grabbing him.

"Wait I was eating pizza" he said pouting. I looked at him in the eyes.

"I'm gonna give you 3 seconds to turn on the car before I call your mom" I said he ran to the car and turned it on.

~at the hospital~

Michael's P.O.V

"Help she's going into labor" I screamed. Many nurses put her in a wheel chair and dragged her away.

"What room will Mrs.Clifford be in" I asked the nurse in the front. I loved saying her name.

"In the labor fool room 56" she said.

"Who maybe you be" said the doctor.

"I'm her husband" I said. As I walked in she was going into labor. All I heard was a bunch of screaming and crying. And then I saw the doctors take a baby out. My baby, but then another came out. Wth I'm so confused.

"Congrats you guys had twins one boy and one girl" said the doctor handing them to Daniella. I pick I'm my little girl.

"Hey I'm your daddy" I said. She opened her eyes she had my eyes and Daniella's nose and lips. Then I took the baby boy he was the same as the baby girl (obviously).

"What should we name them" asked Daniella.

"Michael jr and Bella" I said. She started to cry.

"I love it" she said.

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