Jet black heart

"Danielle I have a jet black heart with a hurricane underneath it" said Michael

"Trying to tear us apart but I'm not going to let that happen Michael" said dani looking up at Michael


4. the "project"

Michael's P.O.V

The boys and I were pretending to be characters from toy story until we heard yawns and say a sleepy Daniella on the couch fast asleep.

"I'll take her upstairs" I said awkwardly.

"Nah I got her" said Calum already picking her up . I felt jealousy? Nah but I don't have feelings for her. Do I? No especially not after angel.

Calum's P.O.V

I took dani to her room just to mess with Michael knowing he has a thing for her just makes it funny. I layer her down tucked her in and kissed her forehead.

I sat back down to see Michael looking out the window thinking, while all the other boys were cleaning up in the kitchen. I sat down and hugged him tight.

"Hey buddy" I said with a goofy smile

"Every time it's just us" said Michael complaining .

"Group hug" screamed all the boys and jumped on me and Michael.

"So you and Dani" I said to Michael wiggling my eyebrows.

"Nothing were just becoming better friends said Michael looking down.

"MICHAEL HAS A CRUSH!" screamed Ashton. Michael then got up and went to sleep in the living room as the rest of us in the lounge.

*the next day*

Danielle's P.O.V

I woke up at 7 to start getting ready for school I looked around the house to see the boys sleeping everywhere.

"Idiots" I chuckled myself. I then walked into the kitchen to make some eggs, pancakes, and bacon. I turned on the radio not too loudly and started singing while I made breakfast. I was make the eggs until I heard a deep voice say

"Your eggs are sticking to the pan because you forgot to add butter" I turned around to see Michael looking very tired. "Nice voice btw" he said and I just blushed this kid is something else.

After we all ate breakfast I went to go get ready. I picked out a white t shirt, medium wash jeans, all white roshes, and my hair up in a pony tail. I started to do my makeup as I got startled.

"You don't need make up" he said.

"And you don't need to be sneaking up on me every morning" I said in a sassy tone. He then grabbed my make up bag and ran away. I chased after him trying to pull it and run but me being dumb he just pulled me back and looked straight at me. I looked into his blue green eyes.

"You don't need it" he whispered in my ear sending chills.i put it in my book bad as we went to school.

We ran straight to class since we were late.

"Late go take a seat" he told us.

"The slut is finally here still throwing her self at the boys" said Maddie the mean girl.

"You call me a slut but yet you have a skirt as big and your boyfriends dick" I said sassily and I heard the boys say ooh.

"Shut up you ugly virgin but his dick is pretty big" she said biting her lip.

"Not really since 2/3 of it is in his personality while the rest of it is in you trying to make you moan but let's face it you fake it" I say with a smile. They boys looked at me with wide eyes as I did the packet with Michael. Our hands touch which sent electricity through me and blushed so did he. Calum looked at me and smirked and mouth love with a heart.

"Are you and Calum a thing" Michael asked sounding a little worried.

"No ew I love him but he's my bestie my cuddle buddie my big brother" I chucked.

"Okay good" he laughed.

"I'm not ew I'm a sex God" said Calum.

"Shut up and finish you packet SEX GOD" I said making air quotes.

When school ended me and Michael decided to work on the packet at my house. I told the boys and Calum hugged me tight and stuck his tongue out at Michael. I got into the car we stopped to get Chinese and to get Michael a pair of sweats from his house.

After doing a lot of the packet Michael sat down on my bed to watch neflix.

"I'm uncomfortable I'm gonna go change" I said to Michael. He nodded as I changed into a tank top, work out shorts, and socks. When I finished Michael started at me with big eyes watching my every move. I then later on the bed next to Michael and he just starred at me. We were watching orange is the new black. I got a tank top and comfy shorts. I then tried talking to him but he wouldn't listen so on sat on him. He didn't pay attention so I sat on his lap and he laughed.

"I can't do this any longer" he said

Michael's P.O.V

As she walked out of the bathroom she was wearing a tank top and shorts damn she was sexy. She had a nice body with boobs and butt. I tried not to look at her while watching the show so I would not get a boner. She sat on me I tried to concentrate but I couldn't till she sat on my lap facing me playing with my face and I laughed.

"I can't do this any longer" I said wanting her.

"Can't d-" before she could finish I smashed my lips onto her as my hand touched her body reaching her bum. She then grinded on me my hands tracked her body reaching her bum. I slid my tongue in her mouth my boner started to grow. Then she grinded even slower and my boner grew huge. My boner was rubbing against her clit she then put her hands in my pants and was rubbing my boner. I then layed her down under put my hands in her pants and rubbed my finger against her panties.

"Michael" she moaned. She then put her hands in my underwear and started playing with my dick. I layed down and moaned. She then stopped and said "night".

"You can't do that" I whined.

"I just did" she said.

She fell asleep and I said "don't worry I'll get you back for that".

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