Jet black heart

"Danielle I have a jet black heart with a hurricane underneath it" said Michael

"Trying to tear us apart but I'm not going to let that happen Michael" said dani looking up at Michael


2. ordinary day

Dani's P.O.V

I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing.

(D=Dani. C=Calum)

D-What do you want

C-We have school it's Monday I'll be there in 10

D-whatever loser

C-ily too

I went on Twitter till I fell asleep again. I woke up to rocks hitting my balcony window. I open it and got hit by a rock in the face and I see its Calum and I gave him a death glare.

"I hate you" I said to him as he climbed up.

"You love me" said Calum.

"Shut up I hate it when your right" I said. He laugh and pushes me towards my closet. I pick out a black v neck, medium wash jeans, a red plaid shirt to tie around my waist, all black nike roshes runs, and my natural ombré hair. After I got ready I just put on a little concealer and mascara and lip balm.

I grabbed my black bookbag and grabbed a bottle of Starbucks light vanilla frappuccino (the glass bottles in a pack) and walked out the door with Calum.

We got to the school and went to our lockers luckily me and Calum had lockers next to each other. I grabbed my notebook till Ashton, Luke, and Michael came. Michael was new to the school but to the boys he has known them for a couple year but he decided to move to our school since he was in a band with the boys and they were best friends. There has always been something that made Michael different Maybe how mysterious he was or how charming but I don't think I have a crush on him. Calum always says I'm staring but it's just the curiosity. Anyways me and Michael are starting to become closer. I got snapped out of my thoughts by Calum.

"Hey you okay" he said putting his hand on my shoulder.

"Y-yea I'm fine" I said as I closed my locker while all the boys looked at me.

"Why don't we all hang after school" said Luke smiling.

"At who's house" asked Michael laughing.

"Not me" said Ashton ,Luke ,Michael, and Calum at the same time. I stood their with a fake angry pouty face and Ashton gave me a hug and would not let go till we go to class.

We sat down in a group in class.

"Okay class so we are going to be partnering up to do a math packet and the group of five over there you can't work in five only is a group of three and two but I suggest Daniella to work with Michael since he needs a little help and is new and so the other three can actually do something and it's due next Monday no excuses" said the teacher.

After the school day we all jumped in Michaels car I called shotgun.

Someone tell me how to put photos so I can show you guys her outfits

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