Jet black heart

"Danielle I have a jet black heart with a hurricane underneath it" said Michael

"Trying to tear us apart but I'm not going to let that happen Michael" said dani looking up at Michael


9. getting down on one knee

Michael's P.O.V

I walked upstairs with Dani this was my chance. I got down on one knee.

"Will you Daniella Wills be my girlfriend" I said.

"Of course" she said while hugging then kissing me passionately.

~1 year later~

Daniella's P.O.V

It has honestly been the best year with Michael he's such a good boyfriend I'm in love with him I just want to grow old with him but I'm not sure he's ready for marriage or kids since he hasn't asked me and has not brung it up. I was getting ready for another one of Michaels cheesy little dates which I lived for.

"You look absolutely gorgeous" said a deep voice behind me wrapping there arms around my waist.

"Time to blindfold you" he said while putting it around my eyes.

"Ugh why can't you just tell me" I said while getting into the car.

"What's the fun in that" he said while jumping in.

He took of my blindfold to reveal the Eiffel Tower with a beautiful candle lit dinner. We sat are and chat till Michael got up and got down on one knee.

"Daniella wills will you do my the honor of being my beautiful wife" he said. I started to cry.

"Of course omg I love you" I said while putting on the diamond ring.

"Cmon let's go to the new hotel I have a suprise" he said while grabbing my hand.

We unlocked the hotel door. I saw a bed full of rose petals,ice buckets with alcohol, and a pizza shaped as a heart. It was beautiful with a view of the city.

The closets had some clothes I threw off my heels ugh I hate them. I slipped off my dress till someone grabbed my waist behind me. Michael started kissing my neck leading up to my lips. He kissed me while leading me to the bed and laying me down. I undid his belt. You know what happened from there 😏.

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