The Dark Lord rises to rule the entire world, is anyone out there to stop her? Or will the world be doomed? Find out if anyone can stop her or if anyone will at least try


8. You've Created a Monster!

Jonathon's P.O.V

*Stick hitting meta bars* I jump awake right as that annoying noise starts "I'm up I'm up" "Good, just letting you know to be prepared for the torturing we will do to you!" He starts to laugh at me and walks away. My heart starts to race I thought the nightmares of being tortured were bad enough! I sit there alone in a jail cell. A jail cell that smells like something rotting in here. I look around. *Screams* "AHHHHHHH" I FOUND A BOYS BODY!!! He looked to be 17-18 years old but smelt as if he had been dead for 2 weeks. "Is that what they're going to do to me?!" I fainted.

Dark Lords P.O.V

"Did you scare the boy?" The solider looks at me and says "Indeed he started shaking before he even woke up and when he found that dead body." My face dropped "Whos dead body?!" "Oh you know that boy that was in love with your daughter Meghan." I threw him on the wall and shouted " WHAT DID YOU SAY?! YOU LEFT HIM IN THE CELL............ oh no, not good" "How is it not good?" "Because if he is the boy I believe he is then you just put us all in danger!" I snapped his neck and disposed of him. Stupid guards, should have just done the job myself. I walk to the boy in the cage, Ugh he fainted really how masculine. "BOY WAKE UP!" "Huh what happened?" "Do you see this body?" "Y-yes" He gulped. "Does it mean anything to you?" I raise my eyebrow curiously. "N-no madam I've never seen him before in my life." Looking confused I quickly reached in the cell and grabbed his face. "Please don't hurt me?!" I inspected something. "You're not Jake are you?" "Jake?! No I'm Jonathon his best friend. Wait what does Jake have to do with you." "That's none of your business and instead of worrying about Jake worry about the way I'm going to kill you." Even when I was walking away I could feel the fear he was letting off. And now I have a plan he may not be Jake but that just means that he will lead Jake here. My plan will work out perfectly. And no one will ever find out the truth. I smile and walk away laughing "HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA"

Authors note: Hey guys so I have a question for you; Is Meghan's secret really "the secret I could never tell" or has it been the dark lords secret all along? Wanna find out? Then just keep reading and you'll see!

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