The Dark Lord rises to rule the entire world, is anyone out there to stop her? Or will the world be doomed? Find out if anyone can stop her or if anyone will at least try


7. You Can Run But You Cant Hide

Jake's P.O.V

Me and Julie had been walking for hours and hours, Jon's no where to be found and we had to find something. "Jake?" I looked at Julie for she had a fearful tone in her voice. "Yea Julie?" "Do you think they would've taken Jon there" She pointed downward, I looked to see and saw what I had feared I would see. A black, dark, fearsome tower. I stuttered, "I I-I don't know" *Screams* Me and Julie catch one another's faces and run downwards toward the castle. Only to find a young women running in the opposite direction...........My mother. "Mom?" I paused thinking about who I just saw. "MOM!" I ran as fast as I could to her and I threw myself into her arms. Tears start to roll down my face, "I-I thought they'd done something to you mother, I thought you were dead or even worse been tortured by that awful, awful man who took you." "Now do I seem like the kind of mother who would give up on going bac for her son and fighting if they kept her from him." I smiled with many more tears rolling down my face. I hugged her once more. But what I didn't know was that that would be the last time my mother held me in her arms for I saw a man with a bow. "Mother look out!" She turned but it was too late. The arrow had struck her right in the heart. She had fallen and her eyes started to close but before she could say anything I hugged her and said "Its ok mom, ill be ok, I will avenge you." She tried to tell me something, but I wouldn't let her. "S-s-son" Her breaths were so heavy I told her to cherish every last one. "I-I-I have to say" "No, don't say, listen. You have been the best mother in the world to me and don't ever doubt that you were the best and did the best. For now I shall tell you how much I love you and how ill cherish these last moments with you. So don't say anything, nothing just look at me and die peacefully in my arms, for them I shall know you died a hero." I had to look down for I could not show her the pain I was feeling, I could not let her see I was mad and sad and petrified. "S-s-son listen" "No mom, I cant. I don't want you to say anything because I want you to die knowing how much I love you and will always love you." "Y-y-y-your adopted" She whispered in my ear, furious she ruined everything for me for all I wanted was her to die knowing I was happy and not mad. Happy about how I got all those years with her. "P-p-p-please forg-give m-me" "no matter if I was adopted or no, I will always love you and I do forgive you even though you did nothing wrong you did what was right and gave me a life I would never have because of you." She smiled and tears rolled down my face as I saw her breathe her last breath. "Oh, Jake" Julie ran up to me and knelt down hugging and crying on me. I could not move, could not think, could not bare to understand how a man could kill my mother right when I saw her. But I knew that I could not let this get to me! For I have to get vengeance for my mother and whoever these people killed! They shall pay their prices! For I shall be the one and the one only to kill them all.

Authors note: Hey guys its me. Sorry that i haven't written in a while but I'm glad to say I'm back and will be writing often thank you for reading this and just wait the story hasn't even begun.



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