The Dark Lord rises to rule the entire world, is anyone out there to stop her? Or will the world be doomed? Find out if anyone can stop her or if anyone will at least try


2. The Runaways

The runaways p.o.v

"Dinners ready" The teenagers started coming down the stairs. "were coming mom" "Jake how about you get you and your friends some drinks." "You got it, would you guys like something to drink? We have chocolate milk, water, and juice." "I would love some chocolate milk please." Jakes friend Julie said. "Same here" Jonathon said. "Coming right up" Jake poured them a drink and handed it to them. "Thanks for making us this lovely meal Mrs. Kraft" Julie had commented. "No thank you for coming, Jake never brings his friends home to meet his mother." "Mom!" "Its okay Jake we get it, your secretly a mamas boy!" "Shut up Jonathon!" "hahahaha" Julie and Jonathon started to laugh. *NEIGHH* *THUMP THUMP THUMP!*  "I wonder who that could be?" "You kids stay here and ill go check it out." Jakes mom opens the door. "Hello?" "Are you the only one home?" "Why do you want to know?" The guard pulls a gun out and Jakes mom looks at Jake gesturing them to go and hide. "Come on" "Where are we going?" Julie asked Jake. "Were going to hide." "Why?" Jonathon asked. "Because something is happening and that guy at the door has a gun." Julie and Jonathon give each other looks showing that they're scared. "in here" "Jake that's a painting." Julie said looking at him like he was an idiot. "Me and my mom knew something was up sooo," Jake opened the painting where there was a door. "WHOA" Julie and Jonathon said at the same time. "Hurry my mom cant distract him forever." And by saying that he looked and heard his mom talking about how nice his horse was and asking many questions. But the man pushed his mother out of the way and was looking for someone else in the house. Jake quickly got in and closed the painting looking through the eye holes he had poked in a while back when he was a kid. "I'm telling you I'm the only one here." "Oh yeah then why are there four plates on the table?" "I'm one hungry gal hehe" ''Then why are the chairs pulled out?"  "Well I'm a very lonely girl." She smiled and he said well if your the only one here, how about know." "GET YOU HANDS OFF ME!" "The guard kissed Jakes mom forcefully and threw her on his shoulder. "You're coming with me"  "Where are you taking me!?" Jakes mom started kicking and punching but the guard wouldn't budge. Jake heard the door close and hopped out of the painting and started pacing. "Jake you ok?" Julie put her hand on Jakes shoulder. Jake shook her off "They took my mom! I have to go find her and save her, who knows where that guy will take her or what he'll do to her!" "Well whether you like it or not you got two people by your side." Jake looked over at his friends and smiled. "Okay but if we're doing this we have to be stealthy." Jake and his friends started planning what to do and how to free his mom and whoever else they had captivated.

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