The Dark Lord rises to rule the entire world, is anyone out there to stop her? Or will the world be doomed? Find out if anyone can stop her or if anyone will at least try


3. The Plan

"Okay so if we follow them to where they're taking everyone we can pretend we're prisoners get in, find my mom, free everyone and get out!" "Great plan but what about the kinks." "kinks?" "Seriously Jake you think they wont lock us up or there wont be a lot of guards?" "I thought we would just wing it for those parts." Julie and Jonathon look at Jake like he's gone mad. "Okay so I didn't think about those parts so what?" "We could get killed! You saw that guards guns." "Oh yeah" Jake had a confused look on his face trying to figure things out.  "How about we pretend to be prisoners, hide weapons in clothing, and bring something to pick a lock with." "Now that sounds like a plan" Jonathon had said. Jake looked like he was about to say that when really he was just upset he didn't think of it first. "Ok, ok great plan but we will need to practice fighting with weapons and we may have to kill." "I don't know if I want to kill someone." "Yea me either" "Guys, stop being babies pick up a weapon and fight, they wouldn't hesitate to kill us so we can't hesitate to kill them. And you boys call me the girl in the group" Jake and Jon gave each other annoyed looks. "Fine but what will we use as weapons?" Jonathon asked. "I got knives and a couple of guns." "When were you going to tell us you had dangerous weapons in your house!?" Julie asked "Yea man I mean I slept over here before." Jon said while gulping. "I didn't tell you guys because my mother doesn't know I know so if she found out you guys knew or if you accidentally said something I'd e in a shit load of trouble." "I guess I would have done the same thing as you." "Exactly and I bought dummy dolls to practice you guys can call me the best knife thrower in the world." Jake smiled as he rubbed in what he was better at then his friends. Jake went to a locked cupboard and unlocked it with a key. "I made a spare incase my mom lost hers." He unlocked it and grabbed gun and knives and passed them to his friends and then showed them to where the dummies were. "Here is where we can practice." "Ill go first!" Julie said "Ok so me and Jon will be in the safe room watching through the camera. "Ok" Julie grabbed her knives and started throwing and at first missed. "She'll get better" Jake assured Jon. The next shot she took was in the stomach but later on she realized the best spot she can hit dead on was "OOOUUUCCH I feel bad for that dummy" "Yea she hit it right in the dick!" "Lets never disagree with her again agreed?" "Agreed" Both boys were scared of watching later on Jon got better to and then Jake did extra practicing his best shot was in the head, Jon's best shot was the heart.

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