The Dark Lord rises to rule the entire world, is anyone out there to stop her? Or will the world be doomed? Find out if anyone can stop her or if anyone will at least try


11. The backstory

Jakes P.O.V

​Interested on how Meghan met the queen I had to ask! "So, Meghan can I ask you something?" "Shoot" She said expecting to hear that. "How did you meet the evil queen?" "She was trying to find me, to kill me." "Oh, why" She looked and said "Thats something i don't even know. I think it has something to do with my powers." "Wait, wait, wait POWERS?!" I was so shocked to hear those words come out of her mouth. "She laughed, I have incredible strength and I can go invisible" "Didn't you say that you attacked the queen before?" "Yes, but when I saw the guy I loved in the cell next to me, I lost all control of them. I couldn't go invisible and I lost all my extra strength. So when I went after her I tried but she almost killed me. Actually she thought she did kill me but I laid still until all the guards left and then I got up and bolted out but I had been hiding in that old bakers shop ever since." Listening to Meghan and taking in what she had just told me the only thing I got out of it was "Can you show me your powers" She looked at me so evil. "I told you, I haven't been able to use them sine I saw him" "oh well that just sucks ass." "wanna know something" "Yea!" "The 'Evil Queen' Is actually called 'The Dark Lord' but recently i overheard her tell one of her guards that she will be known as the queen of the world." "Her name was 'The Dark Lord'?" "Yep, I don't know why she's trying to steal snow whites villain" "Thats what i was thinking! I mean the Dark Lord is way cooler than the 'Evil Queen'" I laughed and continued. "Anyway, so let me tell you what i think i understand now; You had powers, the 'dark lord' wanted to find you and kill you cause of it, she found you, trapped you, and thought she killed you after attacking her." "Close enough" Meghan smiled but then looked down as if she was hiding something. But I had felt I questioned her too much so ill just let it go.


Authors Note: Hey guys this chapter is short only cause the next one will be longer!

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