The Dark Lord rises to rule the entire world, is anyone out there to stop her? Or will the world be doomed? Find out if anyone can stop her or if anyone will at least try


5. Something Gone Wrong

"Jake we've been walking for hours." Julie complained. "Yeah man I mean were almost at the end of the road its soon going to be." "Forest," Julie interrupted. Everyone looked ahead and saw the deep dark forest, the forest that they were never aloud to go into. 'Let's go" Jake and Julie said at the same time. "Guys don't you think we should think twice before going into the deepest darkest forest this country's got?" "Ok we'll think twice." Julie said. "Processing" Jake said "Ding" "We're going" Jake and Julie said at the same time again.  "But guys," Jon said whiningly "Oh stop being a baby, you wanted to help. Get your dignity back and go on an adventure." Julie said while turning back giving Jonathon the glare. "Fine" Jon said irritated. Jake, Jon and Julie had been walking in the forest for four hours now. "Okay guys I think we should break." "Yeah I agree" Julie said agreeing with Jake. "Hey where's Jon?" Jake asked Julie. "He was behind me just a minute ago!" "Yeah I know, I heard him whining." "We got to find him." "Julie I don't think its safe, where going to lose which direction we've been walking in for hours." "True." Julie started to think and said. "So what are we  going to do leave him there?" "He'll find his way, I hope."

Jonathon's P.O.V

"GUY'S?" Jonathon was calling out, lost in the forest. "Where are they." He whispered to himself. *Noises* "Huh!? What was that!!!???" Jonathon looked around and heard the noise getting closer. "G g g guys?" Jonathon gulped. Looking to see who it was. "Guys? Is that you?" "Julie, Jake?" *Neiggggghhhh* The horse jumped out at Jonathon he jumped out of the way. "You there! Boy!" "You're coming with us!" Jonathon looked up and saw it was guards and he got so scared that he started to faint and fainted. "George! You take the boy, Lincoln! You make sure there are no others!" "Lets go!" The guards took off but the one lead guard stayed. When Jon had fallen he dropped something, the guard picked it up looking at it and smiled. "So the lonely lady wasn't alone." He grinned and got on his horse and rode off. 

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