The Dark Lord rises to rule the entire world, is anyone out there to stop her? Or will the world be doomed? Find out if anyone can stop her or if anyone will at least try


9. Revenge IS My Middle Name

Jake's P.O.V

"I'm going in" I stared at the castle with vengeance in my eyes. "Jake you cant" "I CAN AND I WILL" I yelled at Julie. "I wont let you!" I turned around more angry then ever! "They have Jonathon!!! They KILLED MY MOTHER!!!!! IM GOING INTO THAT CASTLE AND KILLING EVERYONE UNTIL THERE IS NO OTHER LIVING SOUL IN THERE!!!" "What are you going to do?! kill everyone, actual people?!" "As many as i can" "YOURE GOING TO DIE!" "DOES IT LOOK LIKE I CARE????" "If you go in there, I will leave and make you do this alone!! I wont be apart of it" "FINE!!! I DONT NEED YOU, YOU WILL JUST END UP GETTING ME KILLED ANYWAY!!!!!." I saw the tears start forming up in Julie's eyes. "Fine! But if you die in that castle, don't expect me to go to your funeral, in fact, WE ARE NOT FRIENDS ANYMORE." I looked at her with frustration and breathed heavily. "Go ahead and get yourself killed, I'm done worrying for you." She started to storm off in the other direction. I too, in the opposite direction as her. Wanting to turn back, i didn't. She is too weak and will only end up getting us killed in there. I have to go alone! I started running towards the castle steadily. I crept up to the castle walls. I swallowed all the butterflies i had and kept moving. I looked around the corner and swiftly flipped back, for i saw two guards at the south wing of the castle. I took a deep breath and ran toward them. i kicked the ones leg making him fall to the ground on his knees where i grabbed the others neck and slammed his head against the castle walls. i grabbed the other and tackled him and repetitively punched him until he stopped fighting back. And i kept moving. heading toward the west wing of the castle i heard a noise. Something had fallen by the old, old bakery shop. I walked over there steadily and grabbed an old piece of wood and got ready to hit someone with it. "Who's there?! I'm giving you one chance" I heard a women's voice "Okay, okay, I'm coming out." She started coming out, she looked around 17-18 years old and was limping. Slowly but steady she hobbled over towards me. "What are yolu going to do to me?" she asked not that frightened as someone would have thought. "That just depends on who you are." I paused for a second. "Who are you?" "someone who wants the queen dead." "Who might that be?" "My name is Meghan" "Last name?" "Don't have one." "Ok Meghan don't have a last name, what did the queen do to you for you to want her dead?" "Its a loooonnngg story."

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