Blink (Fred Weasley Love Story)

Anna Belle Granger is the cousin of Hermione Jean Granger and has been best friends with the trio since first year when they stopped voldemort from getting the sorceror's stone. They are as close to family as anyone can be. Though all is not well it's been a year since the war ended and they are all suffering from the loss of the people that passed away. Anna and George are suffering most from Fred's death. Anna had been in love with him and didn't get the chance to tell him before he died the night of the last battle and George lost his twin. The only one ever understood him. Since his death they had both become even closer friends. When a year later another tragedy strikes it sends Anna completey over the edge. Hermione comes to her that night and brings her the time turner she hasn't used since their third year and tells her she can't watch her suffer anymore or anyone else suffer from the latest death so she asks her to go back in time and save the man she loves.


3. Screams in the night




 I wake to the sound of sobs coming from the room above me. I had gone to bed early tonight to try and sleep through the rest of the day. My heart sank as I glance at the clock to see it is around the time the battle was coming to an end just a year ago. I push the thought aside as I make my way out off my room to George's room above me where the sobs are coming from. I hesitate at the door for a moment trying to brace myself for what I will see inside. To see George cry is heartbreaking. I take in a deep before opening his door.

 I stumble back at the sight in front of me. A strangled scream leaves my lungs as I see George laying back on Fred's old bed a blade in his left hand and a long open gash down his right arms. I run over to him quickly pulling off the sweater I had been sleeping in and pushing it against his arm. Trying to stop the blood that had already seeped deep into Fred's bed. I could hear the other's rushing up the stairs. Trying to push eachother aside to get here faster. I look George in the eyes for the first time since Fred died. He looked back at me letting the knife drop from his left hand to the floor. He brings his hand to my cheek. I pay no attention to the blood that he is placing on my face. By now I am sobbing just as hard as he is.

  "George why" I cry out loudly.

  "He's gone Anna. He's not coming back. When he left he took me with him. I can't live without him. i know you understand. You can't even look at me without seeing him. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry Anna" He says his face paling. Looking at him I see Fred. I see the man I love and my best friend. I see both the people slipping away. How can I live without them both. I don't think I can. I push harder trying to stop the blood flow but it wasn't helping.

  "You can't leave me George. It will be like losing him twice. You are are my best friend George. You are the only person that understands the pain I'm in. You can't leave me too. I Love you" I scream desperately clutching to him as he leans forward as everyone finally makes it to the room.I hear everyone scream as George places a soft kiss to my cheek.

  "I love you too Anna" He says as Ron pulls me aside and Hermione helps Mrs. Weasley try and stop the bleeding.

 Ron keeps his arms wrapped tightly around me as he cries with me. Harry and Ginny ask me how this happened. I don't answer I can't answer. Mr. Weasley pushes us all out much to our dismay. I try to fight against them not wanting to leave George but they were to strong for me. He slammed the door shut as they shouted and cried fighting to keep George alive. We all paced in fear outside the door not knowing what else to do. Moments later there is a strangled cry from Mr. and Mrs. Weasley and we all know what has happened. I feel like the world has stopped around me as I fall to my knees. He is gone. George has left me all alone to be with Fred. Now more than ever that is the place I want to be to. I get back up to my feet as the door to George's room opens and Mr. Weasley pulls a sobbing Mrs. Weasley out. She is trembling and looks like she might faint. My heart aches for her but there isn't anything I can do. She just lost another one of her babies. Mr. Weasley doesn't look any better. We all crowd around George none of us moving to touch him. Seeing him lying before us soaked in his own blood is hard enough. I take in his pale face feeling like I was staring at Fred's corpse from a year ago. The worst part is at this moment I don't know who I miss more. Not being able to take anymore I pushed through everyone else crying around him and climbed onto the bed next to him. His blood soaked into my clothes and onto my skin but I could care less as I wrapped my arms around him. My eyes closed as I lost my battle against sleep. Hoping to wake up to see the last year was a dream.

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