Blink (Fred Weasley Love Story)

Anna Belle Granger is the cousin of Hermione Jean Granger and has been best friends with the trio since first year when they stopped voldemort from getting the sorceror's stone. They are as close to family as anyone can be. Though all is not well it's been a year since the war ended and they are all suffering from the loss of the people that passed away. Anna and George are suffering most from Fred's death. Anna had been in love with him and didn't get the chance to tell him before he died the night of the last battle and George lost his twin. The only one ever understood him. Since his death they had both become even closer friends. When a year later another tragedy strikes it sends Anna completey over the edge. Hermione comes to her that night and brings her the time turner she hasn't used since their third year and tells her she can't watch her suffer anymore or anyone else suffer from the latest death so she asks her to go back in time and save the man she loves.


4. May angels lead you in


                                                                      May angels lead him in



 George's funeral wasn't like Fred's. The day of Fred's funeral was the day after the war. It was bright and sunny the clouds spread apart letting in a clear view of the blue sky. It was almost like the sky had came out to take him home. Today, a year later, it was completely different. The sky is grey and the clouds all gather together giving no sign of the light behind it. It was almost like the sky was mourning with us. We all gathered on chairs in the Weasleys backyard that were left over from Bill and Fleur's wedding. Though unlike that day we were aren't celebrating a new beginning we're celebrating an end. 

 I watched from beside Hermione and Ginny as Mr. Weasley, Harry. Ron. and Charlie lowered George's casket into the new grave next to Fred. I watch as the oak casket slowly lowers out of our sight, below us. Tears fill my eyes again as it starts to rain. Everyone came to see him one last time today. We had a open casket viewing earlier. I couldn't see him. I had to wait outside. Seeing him lying in that casket, A shell of himself wasn't something I could handle. Though I don't think I can handle anything anymore. Harry and Ron had joined me after a couple hours not wanting to see him like that anymore. They went inside again after some time to help carry out his casket.

 Hermione shakes me slightly drawing me from my thoughts.

  "George wouldn't want you to be sad today he would want you to be happy" Hermione says trying to comfort me but I pull away from her.

  "Don't tell me how grief Hermione your best friend didn't just commit suicide" I say glaring at her.

 I move to sit next Ron and harry ignoring Hermione pleading for me to come back. I know that she just wants to help but nothing will right now. I just need to allow myself to grieve. The ceremony seemed to go by fast but I know it went on for hours. Everyone sharing there stories with George. I talked to a few people. It was nice to see Neville and Luna again. The most suprising was Draco Malfoy. He didn't far enough in to sit at one of the seats but I saw him glancing over from a tree in the far distance of the Weasley's large farm. He stayed for the whole ceremony. His eyes traveled around the crowd and met mine. When they looked into mine I smiled gratefully at him and he smiled slightly back giving me a nod that I returned. Whether or not anyone else wanted to believe it I always new there was good in him. Even when he got sorted into slytherin and I into gryffindor with Harry, Hermione, and Ron. A part of me always knew he would help us in the end.

 After awhile everyone left saying there goodbyes and placing flowers on Fred and George's grave. Mrs. Weasley went to bed early tonight to tired to make dinner. Though we all understood why.  Soon we all headed to bed I gave a glance to their graves before coming in and heading upstairs. I laid in bed staring up at the ceiling. I felt so numb from everything that happened. I have cried so many tears that I don't think I can anymore but still I feel like crying. I feel like all fight to keep going has been polled from me. Their are so many people that I love that are still here. They need me but I just don't feel like I need me anymore. I just want to be with Fred. I just want to have George here again. I close my eyes and drift to sleep wanting nothing more than to see them again. 

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