Blink (Fred Weasley Love Story)

Anna Belle Granger is the cousin of Hermione Jean Granger and has been best friends with the trio since first year when they stopped voldemort from getting the sorceror's stone. They are as close to family as anyone can be. Though all is not well it's been a year since the war ended and they are all suffering from the loss of the people that passed away. Anna and George are suffering most from Fred's death. Anna had been in love with him and didn't get the chance to tell him before he died the night of the last battle and George lost his twin. The only one ever understood him. Since his death they had both become even closer friends. When a year later another tragedy strikes it sends Anna completey over the edge. Hermione comes to her that night and brings her the time turner she hasn't used since their third year and tells her she can't watch her suffer anymore or anyone else suffer from the latest death so she asks her to go back in time and save the man she loves.


2. May 2nd 1999




                                                                             May 2nd 1999

 A year has past since the war ended against voldemort. I sit beside George in the back yard of the Weasley household as fireworks are fired into the sky around us. I shift slightly on the bench glancing to my cousin Hermione and her boyfriend Ron. I glance over further to see Harry and Ginny cuddled together. I smile happy to see my best friends happy but it doesn't reach my heart. I glance slightly at George to see his eyes focused on the sky. I can't ever look directly at him. Not since that night. It's like looking at Fred all over again. Same body, same voice, even the same smell but he will never be fred. I have grown really close to George but no matter how long we talk or sit beside one another I never fully meet his eyes. It hurts to much. I glance up, watching as the fireworks that Mr. Weasley is setting off fill the sky. Mrs. Weasley is close beside him. I wonder if Fred is crossing their minds too. 

  "I wish he was here" George whispers beside me in Fred's voice. I clench my eyes shut for a moment trying to push it away. I know that George knows how much hearing his voice hurts me. It hurts him too.

  "I wish he was here too George" I say leaning into him slightly. I smile as he wraps an arm around me. 

 I take in a deep breath. The smoke from the fireworks entering my lungs.  I feel a tap on my shoulder and see Hermione standing beside me.

  "Come on Anna help me set the table" She says motioning for me to follow her inside. 

  "Okay I'm coming" I say giving George's hand a squeeze before following her inside.

 I set the silverware and Hermione set the plates. We all gathered inside for the dinner Mrs. weasley had prepared. I sat between Ron and Harry.

  "So Harry and I are going to play a game of chest wanna watch?" Ron asks me knowing how I am feeling today. I smile at him gratefully. 

  "Yeah of course. I love watching Harry beat you" I tease and he glares at me playfully when everyone starts to laugh.

  "A toast" Mr. Weasley says raising his glass. We all raise ours with him.

  "To those we lost last year" He says and a sharp pain stabs at me as we all cling our glasses together. 

 Dinner was just like it always was was. Everyone talking and joking around. It was nice but it still wasn't like how it use to be. It wasn't ever going to be the same without Fred and as I glanced slightly at George through the corner of my eye I could tell he felt the same too.

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