Blink (Fred Weasley Love Story)

Anna Belle Granger is the cousin of Hermione Jean Granger and has been best friends with the trio since first year when they stopped voldemort from getting the sorceror's stone. They are as close to family as anyone can be. Though all is not well it's been a year since the war ended and they are all suffering from the loss of the people that passed away. Anna and George are suffering most from Fred's death. Anna had been in love with him and didn't get the chance to tell him before he died the night of the last battle and George lost his twin. The only one ever understood him. Since his death they had both become even closer friends. When a year later another tragedy strikes it sends Anna completey over the edge. Hermione comes to her that night and brings her the time turner she hasn't used since their third year and tells her she can't watch her suffer anymore or anyone else suffer from the latest death so she asks her to go back in time and save the man she loves.


5. Back to before



                                                                           ~~Back To Before



 I wake with a groan as I hear someone knock against the door. I stumble out of bed and to the door pulling it open to see Hermione standing on the other side. I glance at her with worry as I see the tears falling down her cheeks. I reach out softly wiping them from her face before pulling her into a hug.

  "What's wrong Hermione?" I ask worried and curious as to why my cousin is crying.

  "I'm sorry about what I said earlier I didn't mean to upset you" She says once we pull apart.

  "It's okay I know you were just trying to help" I say sitting on my bed motioning for her to join me. She takes in a deep breath before joining me. I could tell something was on her mind.

  "How are you feeling after everything that's happened?" She asks.

  "I'm okay" I lie not wanting to worry her.

  "Tell me the truth Anna" She says her voice rising as a new set of tears falls down her cheeks.

  "It is so hard. It hurts I feel so much pain. My best friend is gone and killed himself year after his brother's death. I loved Fred Hermione. I'm still in love with him and the only person who missed him as much as me and understands the pain I am going through is gone. What do I do now that they are gone. My will feels gone. I feel gone and I don't think I can get myself back after everything that's happened. I am so sorry Hermione I just don't feel like going on anymore and I don't know how to keep moving forward each day" I say as tears stream down my face again.
  "Then I have no choice but to give this to you. I won't lose you too Anna" She says reaching into her pocket.

 My eyes travel to her pocket as she pulls out her time turner. The light from the early morning shines off it and brings back memories from our third year.

  "Hermione how do you still have that you should have returned it" I say as she places it in my hand.

  "I kept it in case we might need it and I think now we do. I want you to take this Anna. Go back. Go to the past and save as many of our friends as you can. You can't tell anyone your from the future if you are successful you will save not only Fred and George but some of our other friends as well" Hermione says closing my hand around the time turner.

  "I'm not sure I can do this Hermione" I say worry and fear filling me up inside. So many things could go wrong if the past gets altered to much.

  "I believe in you. I love you Anna. This is the only way I can think of to keep my cousin alive and happy. I can't lose you too. You mean so much to me" She says pulling me into a hug before she gives my hand one more squeeze for good luck.

  "I love you too Hermione. I will do the best I can to save the people we've lost" I say and she smiles at me heading to the door.

  "I know" she says walking out my door and leaving me alone.

 I glance down at the time turner in my hand shaking slightly as I start to turn it. I turn in an extra time to be sure but I get nervous and turn it to sharply. I stare in horror as it breaks in my hands in front of me. I shut my eyes tight as time starts to move backwards.





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