Rooming With Them *On Hold*

This wasn't supposed to happen
They weren't supposed to fall in love
They weren't supposed to be friends
They were supposed to hate each other


7. Chapter 7

Aryana's POV

I woke up this morning and got ready I thought I'd go see Denise. Since we've  started school we've all been to busy with school work to hangout. When I got to her room I knocked and Michael opened the door he then said "oh um hi Aryana" "hey Michael" "looking for Denise?" "Yeah" "you just missed her" "do you know where she went by any chance?" "She said that her aunt needed her" "damn I was hoping to hangout with her today" "oh well you want to come in I'm not doing anything today anyways" "alright" I walk into the room and sat on Denise's bed while Michael closed the door behind me "so what do you want to do Aryana" "um I don't know. Maybe we can play 21 questions since I don't know you that well" "sure if it means getting to talk to a beautiful girl like you" "beautiful? no! flawless? hell yes!! hahahahahaha" "what ha you're funny if anything I'm the flawless one here" "sure emo fuck" I said while rolling my eyes "what did you just say" he said getting red with anger "oh my god Michael I'm so sorry I didn't mean it like that it was a joke. I'm sorry please don't hurt me" I told him while going to the corner on Denise's bed, he reminded me of James when he's drunk. Michael saw my scared reaction and immediately calmed down. He was by my side an in instant hugging my side while carrying me to his bed bridal style "Aryana I'm sorry. Hey how about that game of 21 questions" he puts two fingers under my chin, lifting my head to look him in the eye and looks at me with sympathy. Great another person I meet that feels sympathy for me "yea okay let me just get up" "wait no stay like this I like it" he blushes when he realizes what he had said "okay" with a smile on my face I hide my head in the crook of his neck. I hear him giggle when I rub my nose against his neck, I pull away and say "is Michael Clifford the apparently puck rock bad boy ticklish" "yes I am. Now can we please get to playing the damn game Aryana"  I kiss him on the cheek "sure thing babe" I add a wink before moving to sit in front of his face being sure to stay in his lap "who's going to ask first Clifford?" "I was going to say the same thing, but I guess I could go first though?" "Alright shoot" "Wait are we keeping things PG or no" "I guess not, does it really matter?" "I guess not. Okay, are you a virgin" his graze is facing our legs. Do I answer truthfully or do I lie? "No I'm not a virgin." "Oh okay your turn" "How many girlfriends have you had" "One back in high school" "Oh cool" I felt a pang of jealousy, why am I jealous I have James? I love him, right? "Do you have a boyfriend" "Yea his name is James, he's actually Denise's ex boyfriends roommate" "cool, how long have you two been going out?" "Isn't my turn?" "Oh right sorry go ahead" "Did you love her? Your ex girlfriend of course not me" oh my god did I just say that agh that's so embarrassing. He chuckles before saying "Yea I did love her or at least thought I did until she cheated on me with Luke" "oh and we've been dating for a year and 2 months now" I said with a frown on my face "I ask again right?"  "yea you do" "Luke's one of your best friends aren't you mad at him?" "I was but then I remember I never told Ashton, Calum, or Luke that I had a girlfriend, I kept her a secret because I didn't want them to fall for her but I was wrong to do that because Luke found her and had sex with her" "oh sorry about that" "hey Aryana babe don't be sorry it's my fault I kept it a secret from the boys" I gave him a tight hug in which he returned giving me a squeeze "it's your turn by the way" I blush looking at my hands "what's James like" he spoke with a frown on his face, I could see him looking at me. "He's cool?" What the hell did I just say? He cool? He's an asshole, he's no where near cool. "Why did you say that as if you didn't know" he waited for a response. Should I tell him the story or should I just shake it off and act like nothing happened? I haven't known him that long? "It happened 3 months into our relationship, we got invited to a party so we went. James got really drunk so I took him home. When we got to his house he started throwing stuff, yelling at me saying I was cheating on him. Once he was done throwing stuff he grabbed me by the hair and threw me on the floor" I started crying because the memories of that night came back to haunt me. Michael noticed me crying pulling me in for a tight hug, he kisses my forehead letting me know that he's here for me. "Shush princess don't cry, you don't have to go on if you don't want to" I look up at him through my eyelashes seeing as he was already looking at me, I blush look down as my hands. "You blush easily, it's cute" I didn't quite hear him, I was to busy thinking about James and that night. "He came to me, grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me up" I look up at him, he swiped his thumb under my eyes and kissed my head "I'm here for you now and he's never going to hurt you like that again I promise you that" "after he pulled me up he punched me in the face and yelled "if I ever see you flirting with another guy again you're dead" I didn't know what was going on so I said "but I was with you all night how could I have flirted with someone plus I wouldn't do that to you I like you" he didn't believe me so he slapped me hard and told me to leave. The next day when I saw him at school he tried to talk to me but I always avoided him because I was afraid of the night before. I didn't talk to him for a good two weeks probably, since Denise knew what happened she told him and he was so mad at himself he went to go get drunk, he came to my house right after and abused me for a second time and me being a kind hearted girlfriend forgave him every time. After the first time he hit me it kept on happening every few weeks." By the time I finished telling the story I was full blown crying in Michael's chest. "Oh my god Aryana that's horrible, why are you still dating him?" I look up at him " I'm scared to leave, I'm scared that if I leave he'll find me and hurt me more" Michael looks down at my lips and I find myself leaning in, Michael meeting me half ways. The kiss was passionate, I got those sparks that I never had with James. The kiss went on until we heard the door open I pulled away when I heard a cough. I look up to see Denise with a look of disappointment and happiness mixed in one. "Um hey Denise" "Aryana care to explain why you were just kissing Michael when you have a boyfriend" "I don't love James!?!" "WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DONT LOVE JAMES" "DENSIE you know why I don't love him he's abusive for one and he cheats on me too" "wait James is cheating on you" Michael said. I look up at him and back at Denise, she looks mad and Michael looks sad and happy. I get up off his lap and look at both of them "I need to go" Michael gets up, walks towards me and leans in to kiss me but I pull away, he looks down at his hands "why did you pull away" "I have a boyfriend Michael I can't do this. Look I'm just going to go and think about things I'll talk to you guys later" and just like that I leave, leaving Michael confused and Denise yelling my name with so much anger. What did I just do?

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