Rooming With Them *On Hold*

This wasn't supposed to happen
They weren't supposed to fall in love
They weren't supposed to be friends
They were supposed to hate each other


6. Chapter 6

Denise's POV

When I woke up the next morning I felt someone hit my face when I opened my eyes I seen my little cousin sitting up laughing I then looked at the time to see that it was 8:30am so I got up, when I looked to the other side of the room Ashton was still asleep so I got up and got my cousin and some clothes for her then went to go take her a shower since she would be going with me to my classes, when I finished her shower I changed her then combed her hair and sat her in her car seat while I went to go shower when I got out I went to my dresser to look for my contacts but I noticed that I had ran out, just freaken great I sighed then had to wear my glasses then I finished getting ready as I was doing my hair my phone began to ring I picked it up and said "hello" "hey Denise" "oh hey Aryana" "well since I didn't get to see you yesterday Happy late Birthday" "thanks" "how old are you now?" "19" "damn your old" "don't remind me" "hahahahahaha can I come in your room" "yeah" "okay bye" "bye"

Once I hung up the door opened and Aryana walked in with balloons, Aryana always got me balloons for my birthday I thought it was sweet of her to do even though she really didn't have to then Aryana said "well good morning old person" "morning" "Awwww you have your cousin today?" "yeah she's going to be going to college lessons with me" "aye getting a head start aren't we little one" my cousin then laughed then Aryana handed me the balloons I then put them on my bed then Aryana said "when does she go home?" "today supposedly" "oh" "but you know how my aunt is" "true" "to be honest I don't even know why she had a baby she is always going out remember that one time she asked me to babysit for the night and it ended up being a month" "oh yeah when she was smaller" "yeah" "well let's see what happens" "yeah but why you ask?" "no me and Jay have something planned for you" "no you two always go all out for my birthday but there's no need" "no shut up we want to" "fine, fine" "good now I'm sorry we didn't spend the day with you yesterday" "it's fine I knew that my aunt wanted me to watch my cousin that's why I went early to go visit my brother" "your parents nothing?" "" "what?" "the day I went to the hospital for my arm my mom was the nurse and my dad was the doctor" "NO!" "yeah" "did they say anything?" "they pretended like nothing happened with Michael and pretended they cared about me" "but what if they do?" "if they did they wouldn't have blamed me for my brothers death and then pack up and leave to Europe and leave me behind like that's not caring about someone" "good point" "so what did you tell them" "nothing I just told them that blaming me and leaving me here wasn't a caring thing to do" "true" "but when I got to the cemetery they were there" "what?" "yeah they were just sitting there" "oh" "when I got there my dad's the one who seen me and I just put the balloons and flowers in water and then they started to say how sorry they were for leaving me here and how blaming my brothers death on me was out of the question as in they shouldn't have done that" "well yeah it wasn't your fault your tried to help him but he didn't want to get them in trouble" "yeah that's what I told them yesterday" "so what happened after" "I stood there for like 35 minutes then they started to talk to me" "really?" "yeah like we had a normal conversation then my dad had asked me what happened to my arm like why or how did my wrist break cause when he asked me the day he put the cast on I blew up on him and my mom" "oh" "yeah so I just told him the whole story on what happened that night and they couldn't believe that the Aiden they knew would do this cause around my parents he acted like an angle when really he wasn't, they didn't know about anything that I went through with him and I told them everything yesterday from the cheating to the fighting" "wow" "my dad okay my dad called his parents and now I have to face his parents and him tonight for dinner" "that sucks maybe you should punch him for what he did to you and Jay" "I might" "hahahahahaha hey now that I think of it let me sign your cast" "okay hahahahahaha" Aryana got a marker and wrote on my cast then she said "all done" "hahahahahaha your the first one" "hahahahahaha wait oh crap how did I not see Ashton asleep here" "hahahahahaha Michael didn't want to stay in here cause he thought my cousin was going to wake up crying during the night" "did she?" "no" "hahahahahaha" "but it's whatever I didn't mind anyways" "hahahahahaha well I have to go meet James I'll see you later in class" "okay tell him I said hi" "will do"

Once Aryana left the room I went back to doing my hair about 4 minutes later there was a knock on the bathroom door I looked then said "Morning Ashton" "morning Denise can I use the bathroom?" "yeah sure" I then walked out of the bathroom then started to pack a bag for my little cousin then there was a knock on the door I opened it and there stood Michael I then said "morning Michael" "morning" he then walked in then Ashton said "morning Mikey" "morning" then he got clothes and went to the restroom then Ashton said "I'll be back in a few I'm going to go change" "alright" Ashton then walked out of the room and a little while later my phone began to ring I picked it up then said "hello" "hey Denise" "oh hey Jay" "Happy late Birthday" "thanks" "where did you go yesterday?" "visit my brother then I babysat my cousin" "on your birthday?" "pretty much yes" "that sucks" "it was fine with me I didn't care" "oh are you going to class today?" "yeah you?" "yes" "I have to take my cousin though" "your aunt again?" "yup I seriously do not know why she had a baby" "I know true" "yeah" "so how old are you now?" "19" "your old'' "don't remind me" "hahahahahaha" "I really don't want to go back today" "I know me either" "wait hold up don't hang up my aunt is calling me" "okay" I then answered my aunts call and said "hello" "morning" "morning" "do you think you can drop off your cousin" "right now?" "yes" "alright there I go" "okay bye" "bye" then I went back to Jay's call then I said "hello" "oh hey your back" "hahahahahaha yeah" "what did she want?" "for me to drop off my cousin" "right now" "yeah" "so your not going to class?" "no" "can I go with you?" "yeah" "alright I'm on my way down" "okay bye" "bye" then I had got all of my cousins things and walked out of the room before Michael asked me questions when I walked out of the room Jay walked up to me then she said "hey" "hey ready to go" "yup" then Jay helped me with some of the stuff then I carried my cousin in her car seat then we went to my car when we got there I put my cousin in the back and buckled her then Jay got in the passenger seat then I got in the driver seat and I then drove to my aunts house

When we got there a couple of hours later I got to my aunts house and I got my cousin while Jay got her stuff then I knocked on the door and my aunt answered she then said "come in" we then walked in then when I got to the living room my parents were there I then put my cousin down and Jay put the bags on the couch and stood there awkwardly I then said "what are you two doing here?" my mom said "came to visit" "oh well we should be going bye" then me and Jay walked out when I got to my car my aunt called my name then I looked then she said "thank you for watching her yesterday" "it was no problem I had nothing else to do anyways" "um here take this" my aunt then handed me and envelope then I said "thank you oh if you need me to watch her again just let me know" "okay thank you again" then my mom walked out of the house then she said "Denise don't forget about tonight" "yeah I know I really don't want to go but your making me so I'll be there maybe" "Denise" "yeah okay I'll be there" I then got in my car then Jay said "well that was awkward" "your telling me" "does this mean were going back to school" "hell no" "then what are we going to do?" "I don't know I just am not ready for tonight" "well why don't we go to the mall to look for something you can wear tonight" "ugh don't remind me I really don't even want to go to that" "which is why don't make an effort to dress nice like buy a band shirt or something" "oh crap yeah we should" "is there a band that you like that he doesn't like?" "yeah" "get a shirt of them with some ripped jeans" "yes alright to the mall we go"

When we got to the mall I parked the car then I said "wait" "what?" "let me see what's in this envelope that my aunt gave me" "alright" I then got the envelope and opened it and it was a card I got it out and it said "Happy Birthday Denise, I'm sorry I had you take care of your cousin on your birthday but I had no one else to watch her for me. I know your probably wondering why I disappeared for a month that one time I had you watch her for me or why I had you watch her yesterday well when your cousin was born like 6 months after I found out I had cancer and that's what I've been doing I've been going to chemotherapy and therapy and I'm slowly getting better so that's good I know I should've told you sooner but I didn't want you to worry I'm sorry you had to find out this way" I then sat there and read the card like 5 or times then Jay said "what does it say?" "my aunt has cancer" "what?" "that's where she went that one time we watched her for a month" "I'm sorry" "me too" I then opened the card more to see that there was money and another envelope I then said "I'm scared to open this envelope" "oh I would be too" I then got the envelope and opened it then there was a paper in there I got it out then it said "well I know that I never get a birthday present but this year is different I know a guy who's going to be working at the One Direction concert next month and he gave me 4 tickets and 4 meet and greet passes, in this envelope are the tickets and passes for the concert have fun with you and your friends" I then looked in the envelope and the tickets and passes were in there I then said "holy crap no" "what?" "my aunt got 4 tickets to see One Direction when they come to LA" "what no way!" "way oh my god" "oh my gosh that's so cool" "wait there's only three of us we will have an extra ticket but for who?" "I have no idea" "we will decide that later" "alright" "well let's go shop before it gets later" "what time do you have to be there?" "5:30" "oh" "I know this isn't going to end well" "I know" "I'm going to make sure I'm not alone with him" "hahahahahaha I wouldn't want to be alone with him either" "hahahahahaha" then we went into the mall and began to look for something for me to wear when we found what we needed I looked at the time and it was 3:30 so we drove back to the school.

When we got there me and Jay went to my dorm then I went to go get ready, when I got out of the shower and was dressed I opened my door and began to do my hair I did a simple styles which was a ponytail then I put on my shoes then Jay said "are you going to put make-up on?" "just mascara that's all" ''alright" As I was putting on my mascara my phone began to ring I answered it and said "hello" "hi Denise" "mom how did you get my number?" "I'm calling you from your aunts phone" "oh" "just called to see if your coming" "do I have a choice?" "not really" "exactly so obviously I'm going and if you and dad are planning to get us back together don't even bother" "why would we do that?" "I know you both so don't even bother" "okay" "oh and I'll see you there don't know why I have to go" "see you there" I then hung up then I sighed and continued to get ready when I was don't I looked at the time to see that it was 5pm already I then said "I should get going" "good luck" "thanks I'm going to need it" "call me when you get back" "I will" I then got my keys and walked to my car when I got in I turned on my car and made my way to Aiden's house I wasn't ready for this.

When I arrived my phone had began to ring I answered it and said "hello" "where are you at?" "I'm in front" "alright" I then hung up and got out of my car then knocked on the door when it opened Aiden's mom smiled and welcomed me in her house I then told her hi with a hug then we walked to the couch where my parents, Aiden, and his dad were at I then said hi to his dad then his mom said "oh my Denise what happened to your arm?" "ask Aiden he knows" his dad then looked at Aiden then I said "since he's not going to tell you I will. Your son broke my wrist a couple of days ago and sent my friend to the hospital" it was silent then his mom said "Aiden that is no way to treat a women we taught you better what is wrong with you!?" then he said 'it's her fault" I then said "my fault? How is it my fault? I was faithful to you unlike you. You cheated on me twice, always fought with me, and you even hit me when you were drunk once but I stood with you and this is not my fault oh and another thing you and your friends bullied my brother your the reason he's dead" his dad then said "Aiden is this true!?" there was no answer then his dad said "AIDEN I SAID IS THIS TRUE!!" he then whispered "yes" his mom said "even the brother part?" he then nodded I then stood there on the couch everything that I have ever wanted to tell his parents is out and I feel relieved no more secrets I hated that I kept it from his parents there both so lovely and caring I have no idea what happened to Aiden but whatever he's not my problem anymore as I was sitting there my phone began to ring I looked at it then I said "excuse me" then I went to the kitchen when I got there I answered it and said "hello" "Denise why didn't you go to class today" "well sorry mom that I had things to do" "hey I'm not your mother" "I know thank god your not my mother because your bossy" "sorry that I worry" "it's fine what's up?" "I just called to see why you didn't go to class today" "oh I had to take my cousin home and do other stuff I'll be there later no worries" "alright then bye Denise" "bye Michael" I then walked back to the couch and sat there I looked at the time and it was already 8pm I then said "well I should get going it's a long drive back to campus and I got lots of homework to do" Aiden's mom said "how many classes are you taking?" "5 classes Monday-Thursday but I haven't gone to class for 2 days because of what happened to my arm" "oh wow that's quite a lot of classes" "I need to take those classes to get more" "no wonder, well it was nice to see you again take care love and please do come visit" "it was nice to see you both again and I will" I then said bye to my parents then walked to my car and got in and before I went home I decided to stop by my aunt's house hopefully she was awake when I got to my aunt's I went to her door and knocked on the door moments later the door opened and she said "Denise what are you doing here so late? Come in" I then walked in then sat on the couch and my aunt came and sat next to me then I said "I wanted to say thank you for the tickets" "it was no problem I hope you enjoy" "weren't they expensive" "I got them for free my friend told me they have gave him the tickets but didn't want them so he was going to sell them so I told him I would buy them he gave them to me for free" "well thank you very much" "no problem it's the least I could do since your always looking after your cousin for me" "I know, how have you been feeling?" "me good" "you do know that if you ever need help around here call me and I'll be here to help you" "thank you Denise it means a lot to me" "your welcome, does anyone else know about the caner?" "well I did tell your uncle if that's what you still consider him but he left me" "why?" "he said he couldn't handle it, he couldn't handle it but I'm the one with cancer" "he's an asshole sorry for my language but it's true" "yeah I know which is why I let him leave" "well good I know you can find someone better than him" "are you still with Aiden?" "no I left him" "finally" "I know I'm sorry I never listened to you but you were right about him" "we all make mistakes love" "yes that is true" "how's the college life met any boys yet?" "I made 4 guy friends if that's what your talking about" "that's good are they cute?" "hahahahahaha there alright one of them is cute though" "ohhhhhh you have a crush" "hey I never said I had a crush I just said he was cute" "which means you find him attractive" "he's cute but I'm sure he has a girlfriend" "have you asked him?" "yeah we were on the subject so I asked him" "and what did he say?" "that he's waiting for the right girl" ''you have a chance" "but see he's um different" "how is he different?" "he has tattoos a lot of them and piercings" "and your point is" "my parents will kill me if we ever date'' "your parents are so dumb love is love and there's nothing you can do about it shit if you liked a girl I wouldn't care I support you with whatever you do and you know that" "yeah I know'' "plus your parents abandoned you if they cared they would've not done that and blame Michael's death on you when we both know it wasn't your fault" "but I feel like I could've done more to help him" "yes there could've been but it's Michael were talking about he has never liked to get people in trouble" "yeah that's true he never did" "so it's not your fault" "but we could've moved schools" 'that is true but we both know your mom and when it comes to things like that she tends to not do it and become a snob" "yeah that's true" "yup" "wait why were my parents here this morning when I came to drop off Emma?" "your mom had came to see how I was doing and when they got here they seen the concert tickets and asked me who those were for when I told her they were for you she tried to convince me that you didn't deserve those your mom and dad are still living in the past and they seriously need to move on" "yeah they do I hope they know that there not coming into my life that easy" "I had a feeling" "hahahahahaha I mean they can't just leave and come back and them think it's going to be that easy?" "I know true" "I mean they had me have dinner with Aiden and his family and I told them if they were trying to get us back together to forget it cause it wasn't going to happen" "put the boot down yes" "hahahahahaha" "but that's good you told them" "I've gone through so much with him I'm not going back" "why did you two break-up?" "caught him banging another girl" "what the fuck really?" "yup he had no shame either so I left him" "well hey that's good that you left him" "I know" then me and my aunt talked for a little while more then I said "well I should head back to campus before my friends report me missing" "they care about you Denise" "I know" "well drive safe okay" "I will bye" "bye and thank you again for the tickets" "your welcome" I then walked to my car and got in and drove back to campus when I got there I packed then walked back to my room when I got there I walked in and no one was in there so I changed to my pajamas and then laid down and eventually I fell asleep.



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