Rooming With Them *On Hold*

This wasn't supposed to happen
They weren't supposed to fall in love
They weren't supposed to be friends
They were supposed to hate each other


5. Chapter 5

Ashton's POV


The next morning when I woke up it was 5am I looked to the other side of the room and Jay was still asleep thank god. I then got clothes and went to go shower when I was done I made sure I had all my things then went down to the first floor where I would wait for the others then Luke and Calum soon joined me then Calum said "he's always late" "it's Michael were talking about" "true" "we will give him like 3 minutes if he doesn't come then I will go in there and drag him out of there myself" "alright it's just that this might be our shot and Michael is already making us late" "I know"


We then stood there for a while then Michael walked up to us then he said "sorry I'm late" I then said "what happened now?" "Denise woke up when I woke up and her arm was hurting her so I did everything I could to take the pain away until I found some pain killers in the bathroom and then she went back to sleep" "oh alright let's just go" we then went to where we had to go and did our thing.


Hours later when we walked out Luke said "guys it might happen" "I know I'm so excited" Calum replied, we then went back to campus when we got there Calum and Luke went to god knows where then me and Michael went to his room when we got there Denise was already awake she was wearing dark blue jeans with a green long sleeve shirt and a little type of sweater with brown knee high boots when she seen us she smiled then said "hey boys" I then said "hey Denise how does your arm feel?" "Oh it doesn't hurt right now hahahahaha" God I could listen to her laugh all day I then said "that's good" Michael then said "are you and Jay going back to class today?" "No not till tomorrow" "then why are you awake rest" "hahahahaha I would but I have some things to do today" I then looked around the room and there were some Happy Birthday balloons in the corner I then said "who's birthday is it?" "Oh my brothers going to visit him and do other things" "oh wait how are you going to drive with one arm?" "Don't worry I already drove to the balloon place it's not that hard" "alright then" "well I should get going" "I'll walk you to your car" "okay" I then got the balloons for her while she got her bag then I told Michael I would be back then I told Michael I would be back then I walked Denise to the car as we were walking I said "are you sure your good driving?" "Yes I'm fine" "okay then" when we got to her car she then put the balloons in then she said "thanks for walking me Ashton" "your welcome babe" "I should get going" "wait before you go let me give you my number so you can text me when you get to your destination" "hahahahaha okay" Denise then handed me her phone and I quickly put my number in and sent myself a text so I could have her number then I gave her back her phone then I said "okay your all set be careful babe" "I will Ashton bye" "bye" she then got in her car and drove off once she left I walked back to Michael's room when I got there he said "let me walk you out" I then laughed then said "shut up" "oh I love you Denise" "blah blah blah" "I love pissing you off" "whatever Gordon" "well we should get going class is going to start in 15 minutes" "alright let's go"


When we got to class us boys were quiet for once probably cause Jay and Denise weren't here.


Hours later when I was done with all my classes me and Michael were walking back to his dorm when we got there Denise still wasn't back yet I mean she has been texting me to let me know she's okay I then sat on Michael's bed then my phone started to ring I answered it and said "hello" "hey Ashton" "hey where are you at?" "At my aunts house" "why?" "She asked me if I could babysit my little cousin so here I am" "oh" "I'm bored entertain me" "um how?" "I don't know" "hahahahaha" "your the first person I thought of to call" "well I'm flattered" "I might not be back to campus till the morning" "really?" "Yeah" "lame" "hahahahaha" "so how old is your little cousin?" "She's almost a year old" "oh so she's a baby" "yeah and very calm it surprised me" "hahahahaha I bet" "yeah my aunt just texted me that they won't be back till tomorrow night fucken great" "why don't you just come to the dorm with your cousin?" "I have to go to class tomorrow though" "but you said she's calm" "Ashton no I don't want people to think I have a baby when I don't" "then when they ask tell them she's your cousin" "let me text back my aunt and tell her what I'm going to do" "alright hahahahaha" "okay I told her now we wait for a reply" "where is your cousin anyway" "asleep" "already" "she's a baby" "true" "my aunt said its fine oh god" "hahahahaha" "let me get a bag ready for her then I'll be on my way" "alright then bye" "bye"


When I hung up Michael said "who was that?" "Denise" "I figured" then there was a knock on the door and Michael said "come in" the door opened and Aryana walked in I then said "hey Aryana" "hey guys, is Denise here?" "No she left this morning to go do some errands" "crap" "why?" "Me and Jay don't leave Denise alone on this day" "oh" "do you know where she went?" "She went to go visit her brother and she went to her aunts house" "is that what she told you?" "Yes" "alright thanks Ashton" "no problem" "well I have to go but I'll be back later or tomorrow" "okay then"


When Aryana left like 5 minutes later the door opened and Denise walked in carrying a car seat she put the car seat on her bed then she said "hey boys" Michael said "why do you have a baby?" "Babysitting" "does the baby cry at night?" "I don't know we will find out tonight" "no no no I'm going to Ashton's room" "not going to argue" then Denise took her cousin out of the car seat then she sat her on her bed and I will admit this little girl was cute she then stared at me then at Michael then she raised her hand and waved Michael then laughed then Denise got her cousin and put her on the floor then her cousin crawled to me oh no babies are my soft spot stay strong Ashton the little girl then looked at me then she waved I then smiled and waved back at her then she laughed and clapped her hands then she looked back to Denise's bed and seen that she wasn't there then she looked at me then she looked like she wanted to cry and I was right she had began to cry Michael then said "no make it stop" "I don't know what to do" "anything just make it stop" I then picked up the little girl and began to walk around the room hoping that it would calm her down but it didn't then she began to yell and Michael just got more mad and he started to tell then a couple minutes later Denise walked in the room holding a bottle she then seen her cousin crying then she took her and she instantly stopped crying then Denise said "I'm gone for a couple of minutes and this happens?" I then said "she seen that you were gone and she started to cry and Michael was making things worse" "oh I just went to go get her bottle from the car sorry" "it's fine" Denise then calmed down her cousin then Michael said "yup you know what Ashton I'm going to your room tonight" "whatever" "and you can stay here" "your taking my room?" "Yes yes I am" "fine whatever"


If I was being honest I didn't mind spending the night in Michael's room I just didn't want to show my excitement to Michael. Then Michael sat next to me and Denise got up with her cousin and walked out of the door.


Michael then said "is it okay with me sleeping in your room?" "Yeah it's fine" "is your roommate a girl?" "Yeah" "is she hot?" "My roommate is Jay" "oh ignore that question then" "hahahahaha alright" "wait do we have class tomorrow?" "Yes we do it's Thursday tomorrow" "I thought it was going to be Friday dammit" "one more day Michael" "yeah I know" "hahahahaha" "do you think Denise is going to go to class tomorrow?" "I don't now with her cousin being here" "true" "but why doesn't she take her there's that one girl who takes her daughter to the classes and we have her in all of our classes" "oh that's true who knows we will find out tomorrow" "true"


Moments later Denise walked in the room and laid her cousin on her bed who was asleep. Now that I think of it how does she manage to do all of this with a broken arm. Then Michael said "can I have your key to your dorm I'm going to go lay down I'm tired" I then handed him the key then he said goodnight then he left me alone with Denise and I don't know if this is a good thing or bad thing I then got some of Michael's shorts and put them on as pajamas then Denise said "he really wasn't joking about going to your room huh?" "Nope he went hahahahaha hope you don't mind me staying" "it's fine" "alright" "well I'm going to sleep goodnight Ashton" "goodnight Denise"

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