Rooming With Them *On Hold*

This wasn't supposed to happen
They weren't supposed to fall in love
They weren't supposed to be friends
They were supposed to hate each other


4. Chapter 4

Jay's POV


When I woke up the next morning I had a killer headache and I heard a beeping noise when I fully opened my eyes I looked around and I noticed I was in a hospital room. What the hell happened last night I thought to myself then a couple of minutes later a girl walked in the room and it looked like she had been crying she looked at me and said "hi Jay" "who's Jay?" "That's your name" "what happened to me how come I can't remember my name?" "You hit your head last night and lost part of your memory" "oh, what's your name?" "I'm Denise, how do you feel?" "Okay just my head hurts" "yeah the doctor said you would feel like that when you woke up" "so are we friends?" "Yeah we're best friends hold up let me show you" Denise then got her phone out and began to show me pictures of times we spent together in some of the pictures there was another girl I then said "who's that other girl?" "Oh that's Aryana she's our other best friend were all like sisters" "how long have I known you for?" "Since high school" "so we're not in high school?" "No were in college" "oh" "yeah so do you remember anything?" "Um not really" "don't worry you will soon" "how?" "Doctors said that I should like show you pictures and stuff like that" "oh that makes sense" "it does huh?" "Yeah" then Denise sat down next to my bed and she told me more stuff about me and of things we used to do together while she was talking I told her "sorry Denise not to be rude burin going to take a nap" "okay I'll be here when you wake up" I the drifted off to sleep.


When I woke up I looked next to me and then there sat Denise I then said "hey" she looked and said "hey how do you feel?" "Good" I then looked at her arm and said "Denise oh god what happened to your arm?" "Oh this happened last night" "you mean Aiden broke your arm?" "Wait you remember?" "Yeah" "that's great" "I think the memory loss was temporary" "that's good" "wait so Aiden broke your arm?" "Yeah he did" "fucken asshole" "hahahahaha" "are you here alone?" "Yeah Michael and Ashton were here but they had to get back campus" "wait Denise we have classes today" "yeah don't worry I emailed all of our teachers saying we weren't going to be in class today cause we're in the hospital" "did they reply" "some of them did they said that it was no problem and I told them if they could give the homework if we have any to Michael or Ashton" "oh what did they say" "that they would and to feel better soon" "oh hey at least we won't fall behind" "I know" "I still can't believe he broke your arm" "well it's more like my wrist" "fucker he better not show his face anymore" "dude Michael didn't even want to leave me here alone" "why?" "He turned all protective of me at night when he seen the cast on me and after I told him what happened" "that's cute" "he reminds. Me of my brother" "who Michael?" "Yeah" "well hey at least he won't let Aiden hurt you anymore" "true" "so it's a good thing" "very" "wait where's Aryana?" "School I didn't tell her about this I didn't want her to worry" "oh yeah good idea" "I mean I wanted to tell her since we're family but I didn't want her to stress over this" "you do know that she's going to freak out when she sees your cast" "I know that's something we can't hide we will just tell her whenever they let you out" "wait did you bring your car?" "No once the first class is over Michael and Ashton are going to come back but Ashton is going to bring my car I gave I gave him my keys and asked him too" "how are you going to drive with one hand?" "Right I didn't think of that" "hahahaha" "well let's hope they let you out when the boys come" "hopefully cause if they let me out earlier we're going to have to wait" "I know"


Then the door opened and the doctor stepped in then he said "hello Jay how do you feel?" "I feel good" "any pain?" "Just my head" "oh yes that's going to hurt for a while but we will give you pain killers to take for it so that should help" "okay um by any chance do you know when I can go home?" "Oh yes you will be released in 2 hours" "oh okay thank you" "no problem" once the doctor left I said "will they be here in 2 hours?" "Should be class is only like an hour and a half and it started 5 minutes ago" "oh okay then" "yeah I'll text Michael and tell him to come right after class and to not bring my car" "hahahaha okay"


Then me and Denise sat there talking and laughing about random things until we heard a knock on the door Denise went to go open it and in walked in Michael, Ashton, and Calum and they all had teddy bears well Ashton had 2 of them, when they walked in Michael said "glad your okay Jay" "me too" then they all handed me the teddy bears they got for me then I said "wait Calum how did you know I was in the hospital?" "Well for one you both weren't in class and I kept bugging Michael till he told me where you both were" "oh" "so how do you feel?" "I feel fine the only thing that hurts is my head" "oh well by what I heard you did hit your head" "yeah I did" "well I'm glad nothing serious happened to you" "me too" "well I'm guessing Aryana doesn't know?" "No we're going to tell her once we get back to the dorms so don't tell her" "okay I won't" moments later the doctor walked in then he looked at the boys then he said "how do you feel Jay?" "I feel good my head still hurts but that's it" "okay I'll call the nurse to bring you some pills I'll be right back" I then looked at Denise and she looked sad and mad but I didn't want to ask her what was wrong with the boys in here.


About 5 minutes later a nurse and the doctor walked in the room she handed me the pills and water and I took them the she looked at Denise and said "how does your arm feel?" "Good" "does it hurt?" "No" "have you had any pain since we put it on" "no for all your questions no!" I just started at Denise she was never one who blew up on people she then got up and walked out the room and Ashton quickly followed her when the nurse and doctor left Michael said "is she okay?" "I don't know but the nurse looks familiar like I feel like I've seen her before" Calum said "if you ask me she looks like Denise" "I don't think she has an older sister" "is it her mom?" "Denise hasn't seen her parents in like 2 years" "oh" "I'll ask her later" "okay"


About 20 minutes later the doctor walked back in the room and said "okay Jay your good to go home just sign these papers and your good to go" "okay thanks" I then signed the papers and put back on my clothes from the night before since I didn't have a change of clothes then I got my things and we walked to the waiting room when we got there Denise and Ashton were sitting there talking when they seen us they both got up then we all walked to the parking lot and got in what I was assuming was Michael's car since he got in the drivers seat then we made our way back to campus to be honest I was not so happy to go back more like I was nervous I don't know why but I was when we got back to campus I got out of the car and then Denise walked next to me then we began to walk to our dorm building on the way there Aryana seen us and she said "What the hell happened to your arm?" I then looked at Denise then she said "it's broken" "yeah no shit but how?" "Oh um Aiden broke it" "Aiden as in your ex Aiden?" "That's the only Aiden I know" "I'm going to kick his ass" "apparently your not the only one who wants to kick his ass" "wait Jay where were you?" "The hospital" "with Denise?" "No as a patient" "what happened to you?" "I tried to stop Aiden from hurting Denise so I may have punched him and when we were walking away he tripped me and I hit my head but we're both fine" "why didn't you tell me?" Denise said "we didn't want you to stress out but we're fine now so don't worry" "true" "yeah" "well I have to go but I'll see you both later" "okay bye"


When Aryana walked away we continued to walk to the dorm when we got there we decided to go to Denise's room when we got in there Michael said "Jay if you want to you can lay on my bed cause I know you both won't fit on Denise's bed" "thanks Michael" "well we're going to get to class but we will be back later" "okay bye" "bye" then they all walked out and then Denise said "what do you want to do?" "We can watch movies?" "Yes perfect" "do you have any scary movies?" "Of course" I then closed the curtains to make the room looks dark and I sat on Denise's bed with her and we began to watch movies


When Denise had put on the third scary movie it was already getting dark outside I then said "what's next?" "The Conjuring" "oh" "what are you scared?" "No" "okay good" when the movie started Denise sat next to me then we watched the movie okay if I was being honest this movie was scary. As a scary part was about to come on someone yelled and then I yelled I then looked to see Michael there laughing Denise then said "fuck fuck fuck" I then looked at her and I said "what's wrong?" "I hit my wrist when butt head yelled" Michael then said "shit I'm sorry" I then said "are you okay" "yeah I'm fine" then Michael said "what are your watching" "The Conjuring" "oh" "what are you scared?" "Not at all" then we went back to watching the movie and when the movie ended it was me, Denise, and Michael on her bed then I said "how did you end up here hahahaha" "I um came to make sure you both weren't scared" "sure" "what I'm not lying" "sure"


Then there was a knock on the door and Michael opened it and in walked Ashton with pizza he then said "hello ladies I brought you some pizza since I figured you both would be hungry" "thanks Ashton" "no problem" ashton then handed us a box of pizza then Michael said "we will be back in a few" we then nodded our heads and then Michael and Ashton left and we continued to eat and watch movies and a couple of hours later I had decided to go to my dorm room as I was tired and Denise said that she would walk me to my room when I got to my room I told Denise good night then she walked away I then walked in my room and when I walked in there was a girl on my roommates side of the room I then said "are you my roommate?" "Oh god no thank god I'm waiting for someone" "okay then" well I'm glad she's not my roommate she's a bitch I then changed to shorts and a shirt when I walked in the room the door opened I looked and Ashton walked in when he seen me he said "Jay?" "Hey Ashton guess your my roommate" "that's me" then the random girl said "hey Ashy" "Ashley what are you doing in here?" "I found out where your dorm was so I thought I'd surprise you" "well get out" "why I know you want me babe" okay that was just gross I thought to myself then Ashton said "I don't want you so will you please leave" "right I forgot your seen that hideous girl I saw you with yesterday" "GET OUT NOW FOR FUCK'S SAKE SHES NOT HIDEOUS YOUR JUST JEALOUS THAT I LIKE SOMEONE WHO ISNT YOUR UGLY ASS!!" Woah Ashton seemed pretty pissed once Ashton said that the girl left slamming the door then Ashton said "sorry about that" "it's fine she was in here already when I got to the room" "it's okay" "well I'm going to sleep so night " "night" I then laid down and I eventually fell asleep

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