Rooming With Them *On Hold*

This wasn't supposed to happen
They weren't supposed to fall in love
They weren't supposed to be friends
They were supposed to hate each other


3. Chapter 3

Denise's POV


The next morning when I woke up someone said "morning sleepyhead" I looked to see Michael there I then mumbled a "morning" to him then he said "are you alright you seem out of it?" "Oh um it's nothing really" "sure?" "Yeah" "alright then I hope you don't mind but Ashton is coming over" "I don't care" "okay" I then laid back down for 5 more minutes before deciding to get up and shower I then got some clothes and went to go shower when I got out I had on a white and peach dress that stopped a little above my knees with a brown belt and my white low too converse and a jean jacket on top I then left my wavy hair down when I was done getting ready I walked in the room only to find that Ashton had already arrived when he saw me he said "hey Denise" "hi Ashton" I then heard my phone beep so i got my phone to see a text from Jay it then said "don't forget we have classes today at 12 be in your room in 10 make sure your ready" I then quickly replied a okay before getting my school stuff ready then Michael said "you have class today?" "Yeah at 12 all the way until 5" "oh" "do you?" "Yeah same time" "oh, how about you Ashton?" "Same time also and I won't be getting out till around the same time as you" "oh so how many classes are you both taking?" "5" they both said at the same time "me too I'm taking 5 also" then there was a knock on the door and it opened Jay then walked in and Michael then said "hey I could've been naked in here" Jay then said "I don't think you would be naked in front of Denise" I then said "she has a good point" Ashton then laughed then he said "that is true Michael" then he said "whatever" Jay then said "alright Denise let's go class is on the other side of campus" Ashton said "wait Denise can I see your schedule?" "Sure" I then pulled out my phone and showed him my schedule when he looked at it He smiled and said "well that's just great" "what's wrong?" "We have all of our classes together" "oh that's great" Michael then said "hey that means that I have my classes with you too" "Hahahaha" "does your friend Aryana have these classes?" "No not these she only has 3 classes with us" "oh that sucks" "tell me about it" Jay said "we really should go now" we then all walked out of the dorm building and then walked to where the class was at as we were walking Calum had found us and he also had the same classes with us so he then went to talk to Jay and Michael as we were walking Ashton then said "are you feeling better today love?" "Oh I'm kinda sorry you had to see me like that yesterday" "it's cool I understand" "it was just that I was hurt" "well what happened?" "Um I caught my ex having sex with another girl while we were together" "was it that night you like ran out of the room?" "Yeah" "I'm sorry" "it's fine" "he's an asshole and doesn't deserve someone as beautiful as you" and the blushing begins I then looked at the floor and said "I'm not beautiful" "yes you are and let me tell you something you deserve way better than him someone who won't hurt you like he did" "well seems like those type of boys only exist in books" "not all boys are like that" "every boy wants sex and when he doesn't get it they look for someone who wants it" "well I can tell you that not all boys are like that" "well I haven't met one that's like how your saying the day that happens will be the day that I agree with you" "why won't you believe me?" "I've been hurt so many times already" "by who?" "My ex" "what?" "It wasn't the first time he cheated on me" but I was stupid and got back with him, he also fought with me a lot" "did he ever lay a hand on you?" "Um" "dis he or not?" "Once" "what?" "He came to my house drunk one time and I got mad and we began to fight and he somehow got my mail openers which is very sharp and he cut my side" "what?" "Jay and Aryana don't know they were with there family for the holidays when it happened" "why did you still stay with him?" "I don't know I'm stupid" "no your not don't call yourself that" "it's true I should've left him way back but I didn't" "well what matters now is that you left him so you don't have to suffer anymore" "yeah your right" "hahahahaha of course I am" "whatever Ashton" "Hahahaha" "so how are you and your girlfriend any crazy stories like mine?" "Hahahahaha there is none cause I don't have one" "oh sorry" "it's cool don't be sorry" "I just thought that you had a girlfriend" "why is that?" "Well your not ugly so I just thought you had one" "well there has been many girls throwing themselves at me but I turn them down" "oh" "yeah I'm just waiting to met the right girl" "makes sense" "yeah hahahaha so um Denise?" "Yeah" "would you like to grab some lunch with me after class there is like an hour till the next class starts after this one?" "Of course sounds good" "alright then cool" "Hahahaha" a couple of minutes later we had arrived at the classroom then we walked in and went to go look for somewhere to sit when I sat down Ashton sat next to me and Jay in front of me the Michael behind Ashton and in front of Ashton was Calum since we had got to class early Ashton looked at me and smiled then winked at me I felt my face get hot and I looked down then someone said "hello gang" I looked up to see Luke I then smiled the he sat behind me so he could be next to Michael then Ashton placed a piece of paper on my desk I then got it and read it it said "looking forward to our lunch date by the way you look beautiful today don't let others tell you otherwise. Lots of love Ashx" I then looked at home and he winked I then smiled then looked back at my desk stupid feels were getting to me and I couldn't let that happen I know nothing about Ashton I need to know more about him before I feel like this about him I then put his letter in my bag and got a new sheet of paper and wrote on it "STOP FLIRTING WITH ME YOU GOOF BALL" I then handed it to him and he read it and said "well sorry I can't help myself" "oh god it's not funny Ashton" "what?" "Nothing" "so I was thinking at the lunch date of ours we get to know each other more how does that sound babe?" "Sounds good" "great and how does pizza sound?" "Freak yes pizza" "hahahahaha I'm taking that as a yes" "that is definitely a yes" "Hahahaha why so excited though?" "Pizza is my life" "same" "well something we both have in common aye Mr. Ashton" "definitely I'm going to buy you pizza all the time now" "what no don't be spending your money on me no no no Ashton" "but it's pizza" "no Ashton please don't spend your money on me" "but pizza for me and you" "fine fine fine" "yes" "Hahahaha what?" "I get to buy pizza for you" "and you too" "true" "Hahahaha so is this pizza place on campus?" "No it's out of campus" "oh" "I got a car don't worry I can drive us there" "Hahahaha okay cause I have a car too" "well we can use my car" "sounds good" about 5 minutes later the professor walked into class and class began.


Once class was over I got my things then walked out of class then Jay said "we have almost 2 hours till out next class" "I know" "what are you going to do?" "Ashton invited me to lunch with him" "like a date?" "No it's just lunch" "sure that's what they all say" "Hahahaha what are you going to do?" "Lunch with Michael, Calum, and Luke" "cool cool" "yeah" then Ashton went up to me and said "ready love?" I then nodded my head then Jay said "have fun you two" we then walked away from the others as I was walking I was looking around at all the parents dropping off there college kids and it made me miss my parents and my brother I guess Ashton noticed that I looked sad cause he said "hey are you okay?" "Oh um yeah I'm fine" "sure?" "Kinda I don't know" "want to talk about it?" "It's just seen all these parents here with there kids makes me miss my parents and brother" "what happened to them?" "Well my brother passed away 2 years ago he killed himself" "oh crap I'm sorry how old was he?" "Thanks and he was 16 we were twins" "fuck that sucks even more" "yeah" "and your parents?" "They moved away to Europe" "why didn't they take you with them?" "They kinda blamed me for my brothers death" "why" "they said that I didn't do anything to stop the bullies and that therefore it was my fault" "oh" "but it wasn't I tried so hard to get the bullying to stop I told teachers and the principal but see my brother he had a kind heart and didn't want them to get in trouble so he told the principal it was nothing but it was something he just didn't want to get them in trouble" "he seemed like a cool guy" "he was, he was my best friend, he was my other half and now I can't get him back" "do you know who the bullies were?" "My ex's friends" "even worse" "yeah I know" "but your parents haven't tried to talk to you anymore?" "No they haven't" "so for the holidays?" "I stay home watch movies each junk food" "oh" "yeah" "well what your parents dos wasn't very parent like" "tell me about it" "yeah but it wasn't your fault" "to them it was" "wow some parents" "I know and your parents?" "Oh they don't live here in the U.S. there in Australia but I moved here cause I wanted something different" "oh are you close to them?" "I'm super close to my mom my dad isn't in the picture" "oh I'm sorry" "it's not your fault babe" "I know but still" "don't worry about it" "if you say so" "I do" "when was the last time you seen your mom?" "I was just there for the summer" "oh" "yeah she misses me like crazy" "that's cute" "Hahahaha your cute" "what no I'm not" "yes you are" "no I'm not I'm ugly" "your cute and that's final" "I'm not going to argue with you about something that isn't true" as we were walking these girls went up to us and said "hey Ash" "hi Ashley" "so how you been?" "Good you?" "Great so how about you come back to my dorm room?" "No I'm good" "come on babe" "don't call me that plus I'm busy" the girl then looked at me with disgust evident on her face the she said "busy with what her?" "Yes I am" "come with me I'm way better and prettier she's gross" I then stood there shocked by what this girl had said I then looked to see where we were at and I noticed that we were by the parking lot I then looked in my bag and seen that I had brought my car keys I then slowly backed away from Ashton then sped walked to my car I then heard my name being called but I didn't bother to look back when I got to my car Ashton got my keys from my hand then he said "hey don't listen to her she's wrong your not gross your the most beautiful girl I have ever seen" "no maybe she's right" "no she's not" "yes she is I'm ugly" "say it one more time and see what happens" "you don't scare me Ashton" "sure" "stop threatening me you butt head" "admit it your beautiful" "no I'm not going to admit it" "why not huh?" "Cause I'm gross" "no your not" "Ashton give it a rest in ugly and you know it hell...." I was then cut off by Ashton's lips on mine holy shit what the fuck when he pulled away I felt my face super hot he then said "I had to shut you up somehow you were saying crazy things" "oh" was all I could say "so shall we go get pizza now" "right pizza Hahahaha lets go but let's take my car since we're already here and you can drive" "ok" Ashton then unlocked the doors and I got in on the passenger side then we were on our way to the pizza place


When we got there Ashton parked and we both walked in and thank god it was empty a lady then came up to us and took us to a table then left the menu and left Ashton then said "the pizza here is great me and the lads come here a lot" "oh hahahaha" "yeah so the owner knows me already" "that's cool" "so Denise tell me about yourself" "well what do you want to know about me?" "Everything" "that really doesn't help" we then began to get to know each other and I learned that Ashton played the drums I have always wanted to learn how to play them, when our food got to the table we began to eat and I swear this pizza was the best thing I've ever had Ashton then said "what do you think?" "This is the best pizza I have ever had holy fuck it's so good" "glad you like it"


Once we finished eating Ashton then paid then we went back to my car and drove back to campus when we got there he parked then we got out then he made sure that my car was locked then he handed me my keys I then said "thanks again for lunch it was good" "no problem babe it was my pleasure" we then began to walk to our next class.


When we got there we walked in and seen the others there so we walked to them and I sat next to Jay then Ashton next to me she then looked at me and smiled I smiled back at her and 15 minutes later English class had began.


Once I knew it I had finished my last class of the day as I was walking someone said "Denise" I looked to see Jay walking toward me I had totally forgot I had Jay in my class she then said "so how did your lunch thing with Ashton go?" Right when I was going to answer someone said "well well well look who it is" I then looked to see Aiden there I then said "what do you want?" "Nothing I just wanted to say hi" "well bye" I then began to walk away but as I was walking away Aiden grabbed my wrist I looked then Aiden said "now babe don't act like you don't miss me" "sorry to break it to you but I don't miss you I'm glad I left you" his grib on my wrist got tighter and I said "Aiden let go your hurting me" Jay then said "let her go Aiden" "stay out of it Jay" "I said let her go" "what are you going to do about it huh your just a weak little girl" Jay then punched Aiden in the face and kicked him in his man area then she said "that's what I'm going to do asshole" as we were walking away Aiden got Jay's leg and she fell on the floor hitting her head I then ran to her then noticed that she was un-cautions I then looked at Aiden then said "why did you do that you asshole" I then got my phone and called 911 cause I was panicking and didn't know what to do.


When the paramedics had arrived I was a mess then one of the paramedics went up to me and said "hello mam my name is Ivan can you please tell me your name?" I then said "D-Denise" "alright Denise what happened?" I then looked at Aiden then said "it was his fault he was hurting me and Jay tried to stop him so she punched him and he tripped her and she fell and hit her head it's all my fault" "calm down can you show me where he hurt you" I then looked down at my wrist which was bruised with the outline of fingerprints the guy looked at my wrist and the took me to the ambulance with Jay then I got in and we were on the way to the hospital when we were on our way Ivan had wrapped my wrist in a bandage when we arrived at the hospital they took Jay to be examined while a nurse told me to wait in the waiting room when I sat down my phone started to ring I then answered it and said "hello" "hey Denise" "oh hey Aryana" "so I went to your dorm but Michael said your not there" "oh yeah I'm not on campus" "where are you at?" "I'm at the hospital" "What?! Are you okay?" "Yeah I'm fine I'll be there soon" "okay be careful" "I will" once Jay hung up I sat there with my bag on my laps along with Jay's as well I then went into my bag and pulled out Ashton's note I looked at it and thought Do I like Ashton? He makes me happy yes but I don't know if I'm ready to get serious with someone again I can't get hurt again I then put the not back in my bag and waited till someone came out here to tell me something about Jay once I looked at the time it was already past midnight then my phone began to ring again I picked it up and said "hello" "hey Denise are you back yet?" "No not yet" "why are you still there it's past midnight" "oh I'm waiting for something" "oh" "yeah so just tell Michael I'm fine" "oh okay oh and Calum is my roommate" "oh that's cool" "hahahahahaha I know he's funny" "hahahaha I know" "alright I'm going to tell Michael that your not dead in a ditch somewhere he was worried about you" "oh hahahaha if you want give him my number maybe him texting me will calm him down" "alright I was just there 20 minutes ago Ashton was there too Michael was pacing back and forth" "oh" "yeah I'll give him your number so he can text you" "okay then bye" "bye" once I hung up I then got bored so I closed my eyes for a bit until I heard my phone ringing I then picked it up and said "hello" "Denise oh god your okay where the fuck are you at?" "The hospital" "what are you okay who hurt you I swear I'm going to fucken kick there ass" "Michael I'm fine" "then who's hurt?" "Jay she is" "what happened?" "After class we were walking to our dorms and my ex he went up to us and we'll he was hurting me so Jay punched him and when we were walking away he tripped her and she fell and hit her head so here I am at the hospital waiting for them to tell me anything about her" "oh damn i swear I'm going to kick his ass Denise" "you and me both" "did he hit you or anything?" "No he just hurt my wrist" "asshole" "I'll be fine Michael I'll be back on campus soon" "I'm going over there" "no stay there get some rest" "Denise I'm going and that's final" "whatever" "see you soon" "bye" when I hung up I saved his number to my phone then sat there still waiting I then went to the front desk and asked about Jay and they told me that she wasn't in the system yet so I went to go sit down as the waiting room was somewhat empty a couple minutes later I heard footsteps walking up to me I looked to see Michael and Ashton walking to me Michael then said "hey have they told you anything?" "No not yet" "I'm sure she's fine" "what if she's not it will be my fault" "hey it's not your fault you didn't trip her your ex did" "I know" "is that her sweater?" "Yeah it was in her bag and I got cold" "oh" "yeah" I then seen Michael look at my wrist then he looked back at me and I totally forgot about my wrist but it did hurt like hell a little while later a nurse came up to me then she said "the paramedic informed me that you hurt your wrist will you follow me" I then nodded then followed the lady who looked really familiar into a room she then said "I'm going to take an x-Ray of your wrist to see if it's broken or not" I then nodded and let the lady do her job as she was doing the x-Ray she said "so what happened?" "My ex her grabbed my wrist a little too tight" "I see that well he must have grabbed it way too tight cause it's broken" "What?!" "Broken yup were going to have to put a cast follow me and your name is?" "Denise" "alright Denise wait in this room I'll be back shortly with the doctor" "thank you" the lady then walked out and for some odd reason I feel like I know her from somewhere.


I then sat there on my phone waiting for the doctor to come put the cast on my arm as I was sitting there my phone began to ring I answered it and said "hello" "what happened?" "I'll tell you when I got back to the waiting room" "okay wait is this about Jay?" "No it's about my wrist" "oh okay then" then the doctor and nurse walked in the room I then said "I got to go bye Michael" I then hung up and looked at the doctor and nurse and gasped I couldn't believe it was them right there in front of me I then said "mom, dad" they both looked at me then my dad said "Denise oh my god" "um hi" my mom just stood there frozen "what are you doing here?" "Getting a cast put on" "what happened?" "My ex he um grabbed my wrist too tight that it broke" "who is this boy?" "Don't act like you actually care about me can you just put that cast on so I can leave" "what are you talking about of course we care" "right you care so much that you blamed Michael's death on me then you moved away and didn't try to contact me yeah that's caring so much" he then stood quiet and I then added "can you please put the cast on" he then began to put the cast on and I choose the color blue for my cast when he was done I thanked him then I walked back to the waiting room when I got there Ashton gasped then Michael said "it's broken?" "Yeah he broke it" "fucken asshole I'm going to break his face for that" "I don't even know what to think anymore" "what do you mean?" "I don't want to talk about it" I then sat on the chair just looking at the floor then Michael said "I'm going to go get food do you want something Denise?" I then nodded my head no then he got up and left then Ashton sat next to me then he said "babe do you want to talk about it?" I stood quiet then he said "what is wrong is it about Jay or your broken wrist?" "Both and something else" "what?" "My parents" "oh I know you miss them" "it's not that anymore there here" "what do you mean?" "My mom was the nurse my dad was the doctor" "oh wait isn't that a good thing?" "They pretended like nothing happened with my brother and that he cared about me" "what if he does care?" "No, no one cares about me" "well that's a big lie" "no it's not" "Michael was fucken about to murder someone because he didn't know where you were at he cares about you and so do I" I then stood quiet and looked at Ashton then he smiled and he said "see there is people who care about you" "I know I'm sorry" "no need to apologise baby" he then kissed my cheek we then sat there in silence and a little while aged Michael had got back to the hospital and 15 minutes after that a doctor was walking towards us I looked at it was my dad oh great. He then said "hello are you guys here for Jay?" I then said "yes" "alright well she's fine nothing serious happened she's fine" "is she awake?" "No she's asleep" "oh okay" "since visiting hours are over your going to have to come tomorrow to see her" I then nodded my head then Ashton said "come one lets go babe we can come see her in the morning" I then got up and got my stuff along with Jay's stuff then we went to Michael's car when we got in I then I said "I don't want to go back to the dorms" Michael then said "where do you wan to go?" "Can I drive" "yeah" I then went to the drivers seat and the got in and then I drove to my house when we got there Michael then said "what are we doing here?" I then ignored his question then parked the car then got out looked for my keys and then went to the door and opened it and walked in and turned on the lights when Michele and Ashton walked in Michele said "who's house is this?" I then said "mine" "oh" "you guys can stay the night there extra rooms" they nodded there heads and I showed them the rooms they could use then I went to my room and changed and went to sleep.

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