Rooming With Them *On Hold*

This wasn't supposed to happen
They weren't supposed to fall in love
They weren't supposed to be friends
They were supposed to hate each other


2. Chapter 2

Aryana's POV


The next morning when I woke up I noticed that the other side of the room had stuff set up but no one was in the room I then got up and looked at my phone to see that it was 10am I then called Denise but when I called her she didn't answer I then decided to call Jay and when she answered she said "Hello" "hey Jay have you heard from Denise?" "Not since yesterday have you?" "No I called her but she didn't answer" "oh" "I'm going to go check on her" "I'll meet you there" "alright see you there" "okay bye" when I hung up I quickly fixed my hair and put on my shoes and walked down to the 1st floor to Denise's room when I got there Jay was just walking up to the door as well I then knocked and waited for someone to answer when the door opened there stood Denise, her eyes were all red and puffy and her cheeks were stained with tears I then said "what happened last night Denise?" She then said "come in not out here" we then walked in her room and she was also alone we then sat on her bed and I said "so what happened?" Denise said "well after I went into the room last night I caught him having sex with that girl he took to the room and he said that it wasn't what it looked like which clearly was a lie so then I told him we were done" I then sat there surprised at what she had told me right when she finished she broke down in tears Jay then hugged her and told her that he wasn't worth it which was true if he went behind Denise's back and has sex with another girl he wasn't worth it at all I know Denise will find someone else someone who will treat her better I then said "please don't cry Denise he isn't worth your tears" "I know but it hurts" "I know it does" then Jay said "why don't I go get us some snack and some movies so we can relax how does that sound?" Denise then nodded her head then Jay said "I'll be right back" Jay then left and Denise sat there on her bed I then said "no more crying okay he's an ass hole I swear to go Denise I'm going to hurt him" "can I help too" "hahahaha of course you can" "hahahaha" "see laughing is a yes crying is a no" "I'm sorry it just hurt me to see him doing that with another girl" "I know but don't be depressed over him he probably doesn't care so now focus on school make new friends like with your roommate become there friend" "I don't know about my roommate" "why not" "that person is an asshole" "so you met them?" "Yesterday" "oh" "yeah" then the door opened I looked to see a guy walk in he had half purple and half black hair with piercings and tattoos then he said "roommate" "what do you want?" "Nothing I just wanted to piss you off" "well I told you to fuck off" "I don't care" "go fuck yourself" "no you can do that for me" once her roommate said that she got a pillow and threw it at him then I said "Denise please calm down" in the corner of my eye I seen that her roommate was going to throw the pillow back at Denise until someone said "Michael Clifford don't you dare" I then looked to see another guy he had black hair with tattoos and piercings also Denise then looked at him then he said "oh hello I'm

Calum sorry for my friend Michael here he can be an ass at times" I then said "I'm Aryana" "nice to meet you and you are?" Then Denise said "I'm Denise" "nice to meet you too, so who's Michaels roommate" Denise then said "I am sadly" "well he's not always an ass" Michael then said "fuck you Calum" Denise said "eh he's an ass but it doesn't matter my life is shit anyways" I then looked at Calum and he looked confused I looked at Denise and she sat back on her bed I then sat next to her and she went back to her phone then Calum said "so are you and Denise friends?" "Yeah we have been friends since high school" "oh that's cool" "yeah how long have you and Michael been friends?" "I met Michael in high school too" "oh that's cool" "yeah he's like a brother to me" "same for Denise we actually lived together in high school with another friend of ours" "oh does she come here too?" "Yeah but she went to go do some errands so she will be back in a few" "oh" "yeah" then Michael said "so what's wrong with her she looks like she has been crying?" "Oh um is rather not say" "works for me I tried to ask her last night when she came in here crying but she told me not to bug her" "well she told me you were an ass to her" "ha ha ha yeah sorry about that" "I'm just saying she doesn't need anymore assholes in her life she has gone through enough of that" "it's just how I am I'm not doing it to be mean but it's just my personality" "I understand" "but if she asks or tells you to leave you alone please do it considering its not a good time right now" "I'll try Hahahaha" Michael seemed like a cool guy he is cute to wait did I just say that no Aryana you have James.


I then said "you will probably be seen a lot of me around" Michael then said "why cause you can't stay away from this fucken sexy body huh?" "Oh god sorry to burst your bubble but I'm only coming to see Denise" "oh I knew that" "sure you did" then Calum laughed and I looked at Denise and tears were running down her cheeks I then hugged her then said "hey no more crying please" "I can't it hurts too damn much" "I know but remember it's not worth it to cry" "I know but part of me is happy it's over while the other half is broken cause of what I saw" "I know I know" I then hugged her and when I let go there was a knock on the door I got up and opened the door and there stood Jay with bags I then let her in and when she seen Michael and Calum she stopped walking and I then said "Jay this is Michael Denise's roommate and Calum his friend, boys this is Jay" she then smiled then she went to Denise's bed and tried to make her stop crying then there was another knock on the door this time Calum went to open the door and in walked in two more guys one of the guys had brown curly hair with piercings and tattoos as well and the other guy had brown hair in a quiff with also piercings and tattoos then Calum said "Ashton, Luke this is Denise Michael's roommate, Aryana and Jay Denise's friends, girls this is Ashton and Luke" I then said "hello" they then waved back then Jay said "Aryana" "yeah" "should we watch a movie?" "Yeah sure if you want to" I then looked at Denise and she was hugging a pillow I then said "Denise want to watch a movie?" She then nodded her head no I then said "how about some snack?" She then nodded her head no I then said "come on Denise eat something" "I don't want to" "fine" a little while later Jay had said that she had to go cause her parents wanted to see her so she had left once she left Ashton sat next to Denise well he sat on the desk chair that was next to her then I talked with Michael, Luke, Calum, and somewhat Ashton when we were talking I looked at Denise to see that she was snacking on some of the stuff that Jay had brought which had surprised me I then looked and Ashton was smiling at her then he offered her more gummy bears which she gladly took some from him.


A couple of hours later I had went to my dorm since I was tired I had said goodnight to everyone and went to my room when I got there I changed and then went to bed

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