Rooming With Them *On Hold*

This wasn't supposed to happen
They weren't supposed to fall in love
They weren't supposed to be friends
They were supposed to hate each other


1. Chapter 1

Denise's POV


I was woken up by banging on my door, "Go Away" the banging on my door continued so I got up and walked to my door when I opened it there stood Aryana and Jay with smiles on their faces I then said "what do you want I'm sleeping here" Aryana said "no more sleeping you lazy ass it's time to get up" Jay said "we move into our dorms today at college Denise" I then said "yeah that's not until 2" Jay said "we were too excited" "what time is it?" Aryana said "um" "you both better tell me the damn time" Aryana said "it's 8:30am" "what are you both kidding me" "sorry" they both replied "you both know that I don't like to be woken up so early unless it was when we were in high school" Jay said "we're sorry" I let out a sigh then said "it's okay don't worry about it" then Aryana and Jay left my door and most likely went to there rooms I then closed my room door and did my morning routine then I got my phone and went to the kitchen and began to cook breakfast for the three of us in the middle of my cooking my phone began to ring I picked it up and said "hello" "hello there my love" "hi hahahahaha" "what are you doing?" "Going to start packing it's moving day remember" "oh right hahahahaha wait isn't that till 2 though" "yes" "why so early?" "Aryana and Jay woke me up cause they were too excited" "I had a feeling it was them who woke you up" "Hahahaha yeah, what are you doing?" "My mom made me wake up early cause they want to spend as much time with me as they can before I'm off to college" "oh hahahahaha" "yeah they act like there never going to see me I'm just going to be 2 hours away from them" "that's true" "yeah" "well I'll see you later then" "okay bye baby" "bye" I then hung up and went back to cooking when I finished I served myself, Aryana, and Jay then set everything at the table then I went to go put my phone in my room and then went back to the kitchen by the looks of it I guess I was eating alone.


Once I was done eating I washed my dishes and the pots I used then went to my room and began to pack my stuff which wasn't much. 3 hours later when I finished I put my stuff in my car and then went back to my room when I walked to my room there was a knock on my door I then said "come in" the door slowly opened and I looked to see Aryana there I then said "hey" "hi um just wanted to say thanks for the food" "oh your welcome" "do you know who your roommate is going to be?" "No you?" "Nope" "does Jay know?" "Um let me ask her" "okay" then moments later Jay and Aryana showed up at my door then Jay said "I don't know who my roommate will be" I then said "do you think they will let us three be roommates together?" Aryana said "I don't know" Jay said "I hope they do it would be so cool" "I know, are you girls packed already?" Aryana said "yes you?" "Yup I put everything in my car" Jay said "Denise what is going to happen to this place?" "Nothing it will still be here" "it's not going to be sold?" "No when my parents gave me the house it was paid off its mine so it's not being sold" "oh okay then" "yeah so like spring break, summer break, Christmas break we can come here to stay" "oh that's true" "but I mean Christmas and Thanksgiving you both will be with your families me I don't know yet" "true" Aryana then said "since we're all packed we should go out for a bit until it's time to go to the school" we then sat on my bed thinking of what we could do for 1 hour then Jay said "won't it take us like an hour to get to the school" Aryana said "oh that's true" I then said "well let's head to the school now" so then I got in my car while Jay and Aryana got in there car then I plugged my phone into the radio and began to listen to music as I was driving I got a call I answered it since my car has Bluetooth then I said "hello" "hi babe" "hi love" "what are you doing?" "Driving" "to the school?" "Yeah it's going to take us about an hour and a half to get there" "oh" "what are you doing? "Here at the school" "already?" "Yeah there already assigning rooms" "oh" "yeah I got my room already" "did you meet your roommate already?" "Yeah he's pretty cool" "that's good" "yeah his name is James" "oh cool" "yeah so are you almost here?" "Nope" "lame well call me when your almost here" "ok I will" "ok drive safe and I love you" "thank you and I love you too" I then drove for what felt like forever and finally I had arrived at the school I then parked and got out of my car then Jay and Aryana got out of there cars as well then they walked up to me and Aryana said "alright girls this is it this is where our chapter in our life begins" Jay then said "new school, new friends, new memories" I then said "let's go find out who our roommates are going to be" we then walked to the office to go see who our roommates were going to be when we got there the lady gave us our keys then said "your roommates should be in the rooms shortly" we then smiled and walked away I then said "so I guess we're not rooming together then" Aryana said "lame I was hoping we would" Jay said "same" I then said "well what building letter did you girls get?" Jay said "I got L" Aryana said "same and you Denise?" "Same" Jay said "at least we're in the same building" then we walked to our dorm building when we got there Jay said "I'm on the 3rd floor" Aryana said "I got 5th" I then said "I got 1st" then we went our separate ways to our rooms when I found my room I walked in and no one was in there yet thank god I then got out my phone and called my boyfriend Aiden when he answered he said "hello" "hi love" "hey babe are you here already?" "Yeah I'm in my dorm" "what building?" "L" "aw I'm in C" "hahahahaha" "have you met your roommate?" "There not here yet" "oh well I'll head on over and then I'll help you move your stuff into your room" "okay" "what floor are you in?" "First floor room L21" "okay I'm almost there" "okay bye" "bye"


A couple of minutes later there was a knock on the door I got up and opened it to see Aiden there I then smiled and hugged him then he said "nice little room you have here" "I know" "so shall we move in your things?" "We shall" we both walked to my car and got stuff and took it to my dorm room when we were done I began to set my stuff up which wasn't much when I finished there was a knock on the door Aiden then got up and opened the door I then looked to see Jay standing there she walked in and said "so is Aiden your roommate?" "No my roommate hasn't got here yet do you know who your roommate is?" "No they haven't got to the room yet" "oh wait where's Aryana?" "With James" "oh I forgot he was coming to this school too" "I know so I came here but it looks like I interrupted something" "no you didn't we weren't doing anything" "are you sure" "I'm positive" "okay then" then Aiden said "did you both get your classes already?" Jay said "we did that a month ago""oh" I then said "yeah me and Jay have all of our classes together and I have 3 with Aryana" Jay said "I have 2 with Aryana" "did you get your classes?" "Yeah let's see if we have any classes together" Aiden then pulled out his phone and I looked at his schedule and said "your only taking two classes?" "Yeah" I sighed Aiden was never one who really liked school like in high school before we got together he would hardly come to class I then said "well we have no classes together" "well that sucks" "yeah I have 5 classes" "why so many?" "Cause those are classes we have to take" "oh" then Jay said "which means your already behind" "how?" "Your taking two classes Aiden that's how" "oh" "looks like your going to have to go to summer school when summer comes around to catch up" "what no I'm not" "it's either summer school, drop out, or stay behind its your choice" "whatever" "hey I'm just saying the truth this isn't high school anymore Aiden it's time you become a man you do know that if you keep up this crap Denise isn't going to stay with you I mean look at her she can find anyone else or someone can take her from you so it's your choice on what decisions you make now but remember Denise isn't going to save your ass when you make mistakes or get yourself into trouble" "I know" "no you don't you've hurt Denise so many times already and I hate seeing her broken so you either need to suck it up and treat her right or you can leave you choose" "your not my mom to be telling me this" "yeah I'm glad I'm not I bet your mom doesn't know about the things you've done to Denise" "whatever" "I'm right huh that's why you said whatever she doesn't know that's why she thinks you're  their innocent boy well truth is your not" "yeah I know that but they don't" "exactly my point" "look I know you don't like me" "oh you have it mixed up here I used to like you as a friend before you began to treat Denise like shit now I fucken can't stand your ass" "I kinda figured that out" "yeah" "now I can see why your ex committed suicide" "what did you just say?" I then looked at Aiden and said " alright Aiden you need to leave now" he said "but she started it" "AIDEN I'M NOT FUCKEN PLAYING AROUND GET THE FUCK OUT THAT WAS NOT SOMETHING YOU SAY YOU TOOK IT TOO FUCKEN FAR NOW GET OUT!!!!" "Whatever I hate you both"


When Aiden left Jay said "maybe he's right" "Jay me and you both know that isn't true" "what if it was?" "It wasn't you, you made him happy" "how do you know?" "He was my brother" "what?" "Yeah I didn't tell anyone we were fraternal twins" "how did I not see it you both were always close" "yeah he loved you so much Jay and you made him happy something that I hadn't heard him say in a long time" "I made him happy?" "Of course you did" "then why did he kill himself?" "The bullies at school got to him they made him hate his life and when he had enough he killed himself" "you never told me who found him?" "Me, I did" "where?" "In his room he had overdosed and cut his wrist very deep that his veins burst" "oh" "it wasn't your fault Jay it was those ass holes fault" "I know but I don't know" "you let Aiden get to you?" "Yeah" "well don't he doesn't know what he's talking about he can be an ass hole sometimes" "you don't say" "hahahaha" "well I should go to my room to set up I'll text you later" "ok bye love" "bye Denise"


When Jay left I then sat on my bed on my phone and about 30 minutes later the door opened and I had a feeling it was my new roommate when I was able to see who it was I gasped it was a guy he had black and purple hair with an eye brow and lip piercing and many tattoos when he seen me he said "so are you my new roommate?" I then said "I guess are you sure your in the right room?" "Um this is L21 right?" "Yeah" "then I'm in the right room" "oh I just thought that my roommate was going to be a girl" "well obviously you were wrong" "no shit" "well your stuck with me whether you fucken like it or not" "whatever" "don't sass me who the fuck do you think you are" "I'm me that's who I am this will go by smoothly if you just leave me alone and do your own thing" "damn what has gotten into you I was trying to be friendly" "I said don't talk to me" then there was a knock on the door I got up and opened it when I opened it there stood another guy standing there he had light brown hair which was curly and had a lip and nose piercing with many tattoos as well and he had a smile which showed his dimples I then said "can I help you?" "Um I'm looking for my friend Michael he has black and purple hair?" "Oh you mean the asshole come in he's in here" "um ok" I then went back to my bed and went back on my phone then it began to ring I then answered it then said "hello" "hi babe" "no don't call me that" "your still mad at me aren't  you?" "Yes I am that wasn't right to say that was wrong on so many levels" "why do you care about him so much he was a nobody anyways" "no you did not just say that"  "I did just say that" "why are you like this with me do you like to see me hurt or something?" "No" "then why the fuck do you do it huh why?" "I don't know" "no yes you do" "why do you care about this kid anyways" "that kids name was Michael" "well why do you care about him anyways" "he was my brother Aiden my brother who's now dead because of your friends I bet you bullied him too your friends made my brother kill himself" "your brother you never told me about a brother?" "Oh I didn't what about that one time you came to my house and you met him and my parents" "oh right" "exactly so now why don't you just leave me alone for a while, what you told Jay not only hurt her but it hurt me as well so go to hell" "I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt you" "you and I both know that you don't mean it" "yes I do" "no you fucken don't" "you know what I need a drink I'll be at this party here at campus" "yeah go drink like you always fucken do ass hole" I then hung up on him then I heard someone say "are you okay?" I looked to see my roommates friend talking to me I then said "don't worry about me" I then texted Jay and asked if she can come to my room then I told her what had happened then she had told me she would be here shortly I then sat on my bed looking at the floor until I heard banging on the door I still didn't move then when the door opened Jay walked in and said "what happened?" "It's Aiden again" "I swear I'm going to hurt him" "we got into another fight" "about?" "Michael" "he's still with the whole I made him kill himself?" "Yeah then he asked why I was sticking up for him that he was a nobody" "but I thought he knew he was your brother?" "He supposedly forgot" "he's an ass hole" "I told him not to talk to me for a while" "good" "he said he's going to this party here on campus" "oh Aryana told me that James invited us but I told her that you don't like parties and I'll pass" "is she going?" "She didn't say" "oh" "yeah she said that James roommate Aiden invited them oh" "right I forgot James went to a different school" "yeah" "well I don't want to go" "I don't either" "well why don't we do something here" "yeah we can do that" "wait what time did the party start?" "Um 2 hours ago" "oh" "how long ago did Aiden call you?" "An hour and a half ago" "oh" "why?" "Do you think he's drunk already?" "I don't know could be possible I mean he has never met Aryana so he doesn't know how she looks like" "can we spy on him please" then I heard my roommates friend say "we can help if you'd like" I looked at him and said "no thank you" I then got my phone out and called Aryana when she answered she said "hello" "hey Aryana" "hey Denise" "what are you doing?" "Well I was in James dorm but we got interrupted by his roommate" "why?" "He was making out with a girl" "can I please know what his room number is" "why?" "Please it's important" "it's C35" "thanks Aryana" "no problem"


When I hung up with Aryana I put on my shoes quickly and grabbed Jay's arm and pulled her out of the room when we got to Aiden's building I walked in and went to the room Aryana told me to go to when I got there I saw Aryana sitting on the floor in the hallway I then said "hey" "hi" "what are you doing out here?" "I told you we got interrupted" right then James walked up to us then said "hey Denise long time no see" "hey James um can I ask you something?" "Of course" "is your roommates name Aiden?" "Yes" "did he bring a girl with him tonight?" "Yes there in there right now" "fucken ass hole" "do you know him?" "He's my boyfriend" "oh" "is the door open?" "Yup" "may I go in?" "Yes you can" then Jay said "I'm going to kick his ass" "Jay let me go in alone first" "are you sure?" "Yeah" "okay" I then opened the door and turned on the room light and right there in front of me was Aiden having sex with another girl he then looked at me and said "Denise!?" "I can't believe you!" "It isn't looks like" "your fucken lying your an ass hole you told me you weren't going to cheat on me again" "I'm sorry" "no don't that's it I can't do this anymore I'm done that's it we're over" "no no no no please don't" "you were fucking another girl how do you expect me to not do this" "please" "no that's the end of it fuck you go to hell and stay the fuck away from me you fucken asshole" I then walked out of the room and ran back to my dorm when I got there I walked in my room then my roommate said "are you okay?" "Please not now" "okay" I then laid in bed crying

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