chasing hearts.

Fifty boys and one girl? How will she ever cope? And yes... this is about my love for Newt <3


8. Work, Work, Work.

"Hurry up."

Great to see Newts back to his old stubborn self.

"Coming, jeez."

We arrive at a wooden hall, it's not very big, but it seems to work fine all the same.

"What is it that you actually do, Newt?"

"Decide the next moves we make. Register the greenies, write down everything we know-"

"So all the boring stuff?"

"Basically. But someones got to do it."

I admire his confidence, but i don't think i'd last more than a day doing all the work that Newt does.

"Here, look."

Newt pulls out a makeshift folder, with my name printed in bold letters on the front.

"Jennie, Greenie since 2015, age 16-17, Brown hair, brown eyes-"

"wait. This holds all the information about me?"

"Yes. Well done for noticing."

"Carry on then."

"Personality, Stubborn pain-in-my-arse."

"Hahaha good one."


We carry on doing all of Newts 'chores' so to speak until Dusk covers the Glade.

"You know you're not as annoying as i first thought."

"Oh gee, that's the nicest thing I've heard from you all day."

"No problem greenie."

"My names Jennie, not greenie! How many times?!" 

"Okay, okay sorry Jen!"

We walk over to the circle of  boys, Gally is stood happily in the middle, giving people orders.

"Why how nice it is for you pair to join us!" He flashes us an evil grin.

"Shut it Gally, Just untie us already."

"Fine. Fine."

Gally sighs slightly as he unbound's the rope tying me and Newt together.

"There. Happy?"

"Much." Newt replies solemnly. "Goodnight everyone." Newt says peacefully as he waves and walks away into the night.



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