chasing hearts.

Fifty boys and one girl? How will she ever cope? And yes... this is about my love for Newt <3


3. Thomas the tour guide. XD

Jennie didn't understand one minute they where there, the next gone.

Soon Thomas caught up with the girl, panting as he said,

"Jeez your fast...See you met Newt, he's second in command, a lot of help but whatever you do don't get on his bad side..." He pulled a face that made Jennie laugh,

"So! Does the greenie need a tour guide?"  

"No, I'm just going to stand here confused as hell." 

Thomas laughed "Okay then lets go!"

The tour carried on for quite a while and by the time Thomas said  "And there ya go, greenie! Full tour finished curtsy of myself." The sun was ready to set.

"We have a campfire at night so i expect to see you there? Hmm?"

"Quite possibly..." She smiled.

"See you there greenie!" Thomas waggled his eyebrows and ran in the opposite direction. 

Jennie decided to follow him.


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