chasing hearts.

Fifty boys and one girl? How will she ever cope? And yes... this is about my love for Newt <3


2. The will of the wisps

Jennie ran, chasing the blue orb when it struck her, a memory.

Theres a little girl aged around five or so, it was Jennie and she was standing with a woman, her face smudged and unreconisable, her mother. "So if you ever find a wisp, remember to follow them. They'll lead you to your fate." 

Jennie was suddenly snapped back into reality. She remembered something! She started to run after the wisps, one by one they disappeared evaporating into nothing.

SMASH! Jennie slammed into something or more likely someone, and fell backwards.


"Oh jeez, i'm really sorry! Wasn't looking where i was going..."

It was yet another boy, but this one had a rich kind of southern accent, he had messy sandy blond hair that looked like it had recently been cut and it curled up at the back of his neck, he had bright green eyes and was especially tall. He held out a hand to help the startled girl to her feet.

"No i should be apologising, sometimes i just run without looking forward... i'm Jennie, the newbie, what do you guys call them?"

"Oh the greenbean? Well then! This calls for a proper introduction!" He held out his hand once again, 

"Names, Newt greenie."

"Nice to meet you and sorry, next time i'll look where I'm going!"

"Nah, i'ts not a problem miss," Newt turned his back and started walking the other way waving his hand, "see ya around greenie!"

"Bye Newt!"

Jennie turned and squinted around the grass.

The wisps where gone.




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